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Supporting Working Parents: Pregnancy and Return to Work National Review

discrimination, directly and indirectly, has made it harder for new mothers to take part, of mothers’ needs in workplaces8. In a study aiming at identifying best-practice strategies, , particularly in retirement. If this is the general experience Australian mothers face having to juggle both, to move back into the workforce. This especially rings true for young mothers, who may be entering, that due to the entrenched discrimination noted above, mothers from a poorer background are effectively


Aspect July 2014

90 leaders of the MothersUnion (MU) Australia last week - one of our national members, INTERIM REPORT MOTHERS' UNION AUSTRALIA COUNCIL MEETING ARCHBISHOP FREIER AUSTRALIA'S NEW PRIMATE, Manderson was interviewed about the discussion on ABC AM. MOTHERS' UNION AUSTRALIA COUNCIL MEETING Anglicare Australia acting Executive Director, Roland Manderson attended the Mothers' Union (MU, the MU Australia membership in their social issues and actions. Mothers' Union Australia Provincial


Annual Report 2004

to Seafarers Mothers Union The Selwyn Foundation Specialised care Specialised care and social, , including consumer groups, unions and health professionals working together to secure a positive future


Impairment or Entrapment: Disability and employment

Foundation Australian Council to the Mission to Seafarers Mothers Union Australia The Anglican, as well as single mothers are all included in the policy initiatives. The investigation of how


2006 State of the Family report - Life on a Low Income

the qualifications for many jobs. In 2001, three-quarters of sole parent mothers had no tertiary qualifications, old they are just as likely as coupled mothers to have a degree (ABS, 2001, cited in de Vaus, 2004


Supporting More Australians into Work

; mothers hiding food for their children for later in the week when all the money has gone; and children, Council for Trade Unions argued in its submission to the Education, Employment and the Workplace, September 2012 , Australia, Feb 2013 Australian Council of Trade Unions ACTU Submission, Council of Trade Unions. 2. Submission to the Social Security Amendment (Fair Incentives to Work) Bill


Annual Report 2008-09

www.missiontoseafarers.org Mothers Union of Australia PO Box 1087 Bongaree QLD 4507 07 3203 2440, , and funding accountability.   Act as an industry representative body for governments, unions


Aspect November 2016

on just transitions to a low carbon future. It included community organisations, unions and other, – as providers, consumers, unions and health professionals – to do a lot more coordinated work, communities, supporting Indigenous mothers, helping refugees settle into their new communities


2005 State of the Family report

. Sixty per cent of lone mothers were married before becoming a lone parent, and of those who had never, is most prevalent amongst parents aged 35–54 and 70 per cent of lone mothers with dependent children are aged 30–49. On average, lone fathers tend to be older than lone mothers and have older, , with lone mothers less likely to be employed than lone fathers. For example, in 2002, 60.5 per cent of couple mothers and 87.7 per cent of couple fathers had paid work, compared with 47.9 per cent


In and Out: The challenges of work insecurity

the Australian Services Union fair pay case. However, following the career path backwards, The Anglican Care Network The Selwyn Foundation Australian Council to the Mission to Seafarers Mothers Union Australia The Anglican Trust for Women


Annual Report 2007-08

 [email protected] Mothers Union of Australia PO Box 7 Goondiwindi QLD 0 07 7  [email protected], -of- home care, referred by local schools, or by their families — usually single mothers. The boys who


2018 Jobs Availability Snapshot

and the Australian Unemployed Workers Union documents the failings of the jobactive network, , P., 2017, ‘Mothers and Basic Income: The Case for an Urgent Intervention’ , New Matilda. xxxvi, Workers Union, Working it out: Employment Services in Australia. xix. Anglicare Australia, 2018


Jobs Availability Snapshot 2018

and the Australian Unemployed Workers Union documents the failings of the jobactive network, , P., 2017, ‘Mothers and Basic Income: The Case for an Urgent Intervention’ , New Matilda. xxxvi, Workers Union, Working it out: Employment Services in Australia. xix. Anglicare Australia, 2018


Annual Report 2010-11

in response to the increasing numbers of referrals of parents, predominantly mothers, whose adolescent, were offered only to mothers but they are now also available to fathers, grandparents and careres


Submission to the Productivity Commission on Mental Health

nurses visiting low-income mothers at home from pregnancy until their children reach two years. It, provide a strengths-based approach which builds the mothers’ capacity to identify solutions to problems. The mothers are empowered to work with their strengths, realise the power of their own actions, for Aboriginal mothers and babies showed several challenges to program delivery. For example, housing


Aspect December 2014

for the sponsor Farmers Union Iced Coffee) and Trish Spark (Homelessness Services). ANGLICARE MEMBERS GET, staff organised a Children’s Program to entertain the children while their mothers received some


Aspect October 2014

. Anglicare Australia member visits have included MothersUnion Australia, Anglicare Victoria, Anglicare


Annual Report 2017-18

and another, with the National Union of Students, which gave students the chance to talk about hardship, network. Examples from 2017- 18 include our partnership with the National Union of Students to produce

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