Rental Affordability Snapshot

The Rental Affordability Snapshot is designed to highlight the lived experience of looking for housing while on a low income. It focuses on the Australian population who earn the least income – Commonwealth benefit recipients and minimum wage earners.

Every year, Anglicare Australia tests if it is possible for people on low incomes to rent a home in the private market. We do this by taking a snapshot of the thousands of properties listed for rent on We test whether each property is affordable and suitable for people on low incomes. We are grateful for the support of REA Group for giving us access to the property listings data from every year to enable us to do this research effectively.

The full report, including regional reports, are available to download from at the Snapshot's interactive website:

Rental Affordability Snapshot 2021

28 Apr 2021 by Anglicare Australia

After a year of volatility and shock, Australians are facing a rental market that has never been less affordable. The 2021 Rental Affordability Snapshot surveyed over 74,000 rental listings across Australia and found that affordability has crashed to record lows. Anglicare Australia is calling on the Government to tackle housing affordability in its next Budget.

Rental Affordability Snapshot 2020

29 Apr 2020 by Anglicare Australia

Renters are on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic. Many are losing their incomes, and some are scared of being forced out of their homes. Welfare increases have given many Australians badly needed relief – but this year's Rental Affordability Snapshot shows that the private rental market is still failing people on the lowest incomes.

Rental Affordability Snapshot 2019

29 Apr 2019 by Anglicare Australia

Anglicare Australia is calling on Federal and state governments to invest in housing for people on the lowest incomes. The call is made as Anglicare Australia releases its Rental Affordability Snapshot. The Snapshot surveyed over 69,000 rental listings across Australia and found that there is a chronic shortage of affordable rentals across Australia.

Rental Affordability Snapshot 2018

29 Apr 2018 by Anglicare Australia

Our housing system is failing millions of Australians. Rents have been rising much faster than people’s incomes. And we don’t have enough secure, affordable rentals. This year’s Rental Affordability Snapshot shows that we need action now to stop more and more people from falling into rental stress and hardship.

Rental Affordability Snapshot 2017

27 Apr 2017 by Anglicare Australia

Anglicare Australia's 8th Rental Affordability Snapshot shows a dire shortage of affordable rental houses for people on low income. It shows that at a national level, only 6% of the 67,651 dwellings surveyed on the first weekend in April were suitable for any of the 10 selected households in receipt of government benefits. This is down from 7% in 2016.

Rental Affordability Snapshot 2016

21 Apr 2016 by Anglicare Australia

Anglicare Australia's 2016 Rental Affordability Snapshot finds low income earners are unable to afford to rent privately, and even more Australians are being pushed out of the housing market. Over the first weekend in April, the Anglicare member network surveyed 75,410 rental properties across Australia and found just 21 properties were affordable for single adults living on Newstart, and only one was suitable for young people living on Youth Allowance. And despite the higher level of pensions compared to allowances, affordable rentals were extremely limited for a single person living on any government payment.

Rental Affordability Snapshot 2015

30 Apr 2015 by Anglicare Australia

Anglicare Australia's 2015 Rental Affordability Snapshot finds that affordable housing is still very much out of reach for people living on low incomes. It shows that of the more than 65,500 properties assessed for suitability there were less than 1% available for people living on allowances. A new household was also included this year – a couple household where one parent earns the minimum wage and the other is in receipt of the parenting payment – which would have access to 6.9% of rental properties.

Rental Affordability Snapshot 2014

30 Apr 2014 by Anglicare Australia

Anglicare Australia's 2014 Rental Affordability Snapshot reports shows that despite an 11% increase in the number of rental properties across Australia compared to last year, less than 1% listed on the weekend of 5-6 April was affordable for anyone on a government payment.

Rental Affordability Snapshot 2013

29 Apr 2013 by Anglicare Australia

Anglicare Australia's 2013 Rental Affordability Snapshot report shows that on 13 April, when the Anglicare network surveyed 56,414 rental properties across of Australia, less than 1% of the properties listed were suitable for anyone on Newstart allowance, parenting payment, aged pension or disability support pension.

Rental Affordability Snapshot 2012

30 Apr 2012 by Anglicare Australia

Anglicare Australia’s 2012 Rental Affordability Snapshot shows the private rental market has failed Australians living on low incomes. It shows is that people on the minimum wage need two incomes to rent a house. In many places even that is not enough. And for those trapped on the Newstart, supporting parent or youth allowance there is absolutely nothing suitable available at all.

Rental Affordability Snapshot 2011

14 Apr 2011 by Anglicare Australia

Anglicare Australia's 2011 Rental Affordability Snapshot reports shows there is a critical shortage of affordable rental housing across all major cities and even most regional areas of the nation. The Snapshot shines light on just how bad the housing crisis has become, with less than 1% of rental housing in cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra being affordable for people on a low income.
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