Anglicare Australia regularly makes formal submissions to public inquiries, drawing on the work of its member organisations and advocating for their clients.

Anglicare Australia Submission on the Quality of Residential Aged Care

Feb 19, 2018, 10:36 AM by Anglicare Australia

This submission was a complement to other contributions made by Anglicare Australia’s aged care providers to the various related reviews and debate on their own behalf, through the National Aged Care Alliance, and through LASA and ACSA, the aged care provider peak bodies. Amongst other things, we argued that simply adding more stringent compliance procedures and quality assurance mechanisms will not ensure a residential aged care system that is safer and of higher quality. We urged the Committee to focus on improving the quality of care more holistically to ensure that staff at all levels, and the organisations as a whole, have the care and wellbeing of their residents at heart and in the forefront of their minds. Furthermore, our members were united in the belief that increased support and advocacy for residents and their families are essential, and that more robust complaints processes need to be established across the industry.
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