Anglicare Australia regularly makes formal submissions to public inquiries, drawing on the work of its member organisations and advocating for their clients.

Anglicare Australia Submission to the Inquiry into Local Adoption

15 May 2018 by Anglicare Australia

This submission stressed the importance that any new policy around adoption needs to consider the legacies of past policies and practices with respect to the separation of children from first families as well as poor practices of forced adoption for many women. Anglicare Australia recommended that the committee adopt the major actions identified by the Family Matters coalition.

Anglicare Australia Submission on the Closing the Gap Refresh

18 Apr 2018 by Anglicare Australia

This submission draws on the experience of Anglicare agencies partnering with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations in working for a more just and equal Australia. Anglicare Australia calls for the principles of self-determination, genuine listening, co-design and long-term partnerships to take precedence over bureaucratic systems and power structures.

Anglicare Australia Submission on the Drug Testing Trial Bill 2018

10 Apr 2018 by Anglicare Australia

In this submission, we note that the underlying problem with this bill is that it treats drug addiction as a social security issue, rather than a health issue. Anglicare Australia urges the Committee and the Senate to reject the drug testing bill in its entirety, as the proposed measures are discriminatory and not supported by evidence.

Anglicare Australia Submission on the ACNC Review

28 Feb 2018 by Anglicare Australia

This submission notes that there is a strong consensus across the sector that the ACNC’s first five years have been a success. It would be a great pity if the strong relationship with the sector was to be undermined after such a successful five years. Our responses to the consultation questions focus on how the sector can be supported to do its work, and how the ACNC can continue to build on its relationship with the sector.

Anglicare Australia Submission on the Commonwealth Redress Scheme

26 Feb 2018 by Anglicare Australia

In a submission to a Senate Inquiry, Anglicare Australia has rejected a proposal from the Government that those convicted of child sex offences or more for serious crimes would be excluded from the Commonwealth Redress Scheme. Singling out offenders would be a retrograde step at a time when institutions should be making amends all child victims of sexual abuse in their services.

Anglicare Australia Submission on the Electoral Reform Bill

26 Feb 2018 by Anglicare Australia

Our submission argues that the Bill would not address the influence of foreign interests in electoral politics in any meaningful way, nor would it shine any light on any untoward influence on elections or political decision making. The Bill would also discourage community organisations from using their knowledge and work to inform and influence public policy, and limit their participation in public debate. Our recommendation is that the Bill is withdrawn.

Anglicare Australia Submission on the Quality of Residential Aged Care

19 Feb 2018 by Anglicare Australia

This submission was a complement to other contributions made by Anglicare Australia’s aged care providers to the various related reviews and debate on their own behalf, through the National Aged Care Alliance, and through LASA and ACSA, the aged care provider peak bodies. Amongst other things, we argued that simply adding more stringent compliance procedures and quality assurance mechanisms will not ensure a residential aged care system that is safer and of higher quality. We urged the Committee to focus on improving the quality of care more holistically to ensure that staff at all levels, and the organisations as a whole, have the care and wellbeing of their residents at heart and in the forefront of their minds. Furthermore, our members were united in the belief that increased support and advocacy for residents and their families are essential, and that more robust complaints processes need to be established across the industry.

Anglicare Australia Submission on the Market Readiness of the NDIS

19 Feb 2018 by Anglicare Australia

This submission draw the Committee’s attention to Anglicare Australia’s two submissions to the Productivity Inquiry into the NDIS and costs, in which we addressed many of the matters listed in the terms of reference in some detail, including the impact of pricing, the issues surrounding provider of last resort, and development of the NDIS workforce.

Anglicare Australia Submission on the Future of Work

23 Jan 2018 by Anglicare Australia

This submission is to draw the Committee’s attention to our Jobs Availability Snapshots, completed in 2016 and 2017, as their findings and recommended policy approaches were directly relevant to the inquiry’s Terms of Reference. Our key points were that future employment strategies must be inclusionary and incorporate measures designed to ensure that people with significant barriers to work are not left behind, as they are now. Furthermore, the systematic and ongoing corrosion of job security and conditions needs urgent attention. Any future employment strategies must explicitly address the gender pay gap with concrete measures, including consideration of legislative measures to end it.