Anglicare Australia regularly makes formal submissions to public inquiries, drawing on the work of its member organisations and advocating for their clients.

Submission on Pay-Day Lenders

19 Feb 2020 by Anglicare Australia

This submission summarises the Anglicare Australia Network’s experience with pay-day lending and the harm the industry causes the people we work with. We have found that a combination of low income, lack of savings, and poor access to mainstream banking and financial services can lead people to use pay-day loans for short-term and sudden financial crises. It is unacceptable that these pay-day loans are, for some people, the only option they have to access emergency credit.

Submission on Centrelink Income Reporting

14 Feb 2020 by Anglicare Australia

In this submission, Anglicare Australia welcomes measures that simplify reporting obligations and reduce payment errors. We also argue that the Government must act on the lessons learned from its failed robodebt scheme before embarking on a new system. We recommends that the reporting changes be passed, on the condition that the Government conducts user testing on these proposed changes. The Government must also show that it has considered any unintended consequences and risks of harm to those using the system.

Submission to the Productivity Commission on Mental Health

7 Feb 2020 by Anglicare Australia

In this submission, Anglicare Australia argues that mental health services have suffered from ad-hoc development and needless complexity. This stems from a lack of government leadership and investment over many years. We call on the Commission to reflect on policy settings that impact the social determinants of health, to offer additional support for community-based mental health services, and to ensure support regardless of diagnosis.

Submission on Indigenous Employment and Economic Development

31 Jan 2020 by Anglicare Australia

Participation and employment are crucial for building inclusive, thriving communities. Yet government programs are failing to help people find work, and are instead punishing them. In this submission, Anglicare Australia argues that harsh penalties are applied carelessly and arbitrarily, leading to wide-reaching deprivation. This is the reality facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in ParentsNext, CDP, and across employment services more broadly. Programs that push people into poverty are not fit to be considered employment support at all.

Submission on Aged Care Program Redesign

28 Jan 2020 by Anglicare Australia

In this submission to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, Anglicare Australia calls for a change to the philosophy that underpins aged care. This must begin by addressing how we perceive ageing, and how as a society we treat our older people. We must confront ageist attitudes and practices. We also welcome the Royal Commission’s scrutiny of marketisation in the aged care system.

Pre-Budget Submission 2020-2021

13 Dec 2019 by Anglicare Australia

Anglicare Australia has made a submission to the 2020-21 Federal Budget, to be handed down in May. The nation is facing major challenges, and so is the Federal Budget. Hundreds of thousands of Australians cannot find an affordable home. Those who are out of work or underemployed are struggling to make ends meet. And many older Australians are retiring into poverty. Our submission calls on the Government to ensure 2020 does not become another lost opportunity to take on the issues facing our nation.

Submission on the Inquiry on Australia's Family Law System

11 Dec 2019 by Anglicare Australia

Children should be the central concern of family law. They are often at the centre of disputes between parents and caregivers about their care arrangements following family separation. The family law system should focus on the needs of children, who have a right to a childhood that is safe and provides a space for optimal growth and development.

Submission on the Social Services Legislation Amendment (Drug Testing Trial) Bill

27 Sep 2019 by Anglicare Australia

This is now the third iteration of this policy that the government has attempted to introduce in as many years, but the level of community and sectoral opposition to the measure remains unchanged. There is no change to the lack of evidence to support this proposal. Anglicare Australia urges the Committee and the Senate to reject this bill in its entirety.