Position Statements

Anglicare Australia is committed to creating a fairer and more just society. These position statements describe our positions on the issues we care about.

Anglicare Australia recognises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Peoples of this country and acknowledges the continued spiritual, physical, social & cultural connections they have with land and sea, sustained over 60,000 years. We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the experts in designing, implementing and evaluating effective and culturally safe systems and agencies, to address the lasting impact of colonisation. We recognise colonisation has left and continues to leave a legacy of violence, family separation, loss of culture, language and country. In working for Reconciliation, Anglicare Australia advocates for self-determination and justice as inherent rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Anglicare Australia believes that a fair society is one where everyone can live a dignified life and nobody lives in poverty. People are entitled to support while they study for the future, get help while they look for work, or get a pension to support themselves if they have a disability, and be paid fairly for the work they do. We must have adequate incomes to become a fair society.

Everybody deserves a place to call home. A place that is safe, a place to rest, a place to welcome our friends. These are the needs that only a home can provide. Without a home, we can’t plan for other parts of our lives like starting a family, getting an education, or participating in our communities.

Anglicare Australia believes that everybody has the right to dignity and quality of life as they age. We must all commit to a continuum of care, where everybody can get the support they need in a way that suits them. We also believe that old age itself is not a disability or medical condition. If we want to be a community that truly values its elders, then we must focus on promoting wellbeing and ensuring that we all enjoy a rich and full life as we age.

Anglicare Australia believes all children and young people need to be provided with care and love, as well as the opportunity to fully participate in their communities. The best way to give children and young people the best possible start in life is to support parents and families to provide loving and secure homes.

Anglicare Australia believes that we must act now on climate change. We must respond in a way that promotes fairer and more resilient communities, and supports and protects those most vulnerable to extreme changes in our environment.

Anglicare Australia believes that mental health is crucial to our wellbeing and happiness. To create healthy environments and support people across Australia, we must invest in early intervention and put an end to the stigma surrounding mental ill-health. We must also ensure that quality mental health support is available for everybody who needs it.

Anglicare Australia believes in the dignity and potential of everybody. The diversity and contribution of people with disabilities enriches our communities, and an inclusive society is a better society for everyone. We must work together so that everyone can participate equally in our communities.

Secure work is about giving people stability beyond the next pay cheque. But more than that, work is also about people developing their identity and contributing to their communities. Anglicare Australia believes that work is about more than paid employment – those who volunteer, care for others, and help their communities must also be recognised for their work and rewarded for their contribution.