Pre-Budget Submission 2023-24

Anglicare Australia has made a submission to the next Federal Budget, due to be handed down in May. The submission includes a plan for the next Federal Budget to tackle poverty by raising the rate of JobSeeker and other key payments. The submission includes costings showing that JobSeeker, Parenting Payment, and Carer Payment could all be raised to $88 per day. This would pull almost 2.3 million Australians out of poverty, including 840,000 children. These measures would cost $198 billion over ten years, less than the $254 billion cost of the tax cuts.

The Budget submission also includes recommendations for:

  • A liveable income for every Australian
  • A fair taxation system
  • A strong community services sector
  • Action on Housing and Homelessness
  • Dignity in ageing
  • A safe future for children and families
  • A just climate transition
  • Disability and mental health.