Homes for All: A Roadmap to Affordable Housing

Anglicare Australia has launched Homes for All, a twenty-year roadmap for affordable housing. The Roadmap calls for a program of tax reform and investment in affordable housing.

Homes for All: A Roadmap to Affordable Housing recommends:

  • A ten-year regime of tax and policy reform
  • A twenty-year program to expand social and affordable housing
  • All new developments to include affordable housing
  • A trial of secure leasing models for mainstream tenancies
  • Reforms and increases to Commonwealth Rent Assistance
  • Nationally consistent protections for renters.

In Homes for All, Anglicare Australia is calling on State, Territory and Local Governments to ensure there is affordable housing in every new development. We’re also calling for a new model of leasing that offers longer-term security and protects people from unfair rent increases.

This roadmap offers a long-term plan for all levels Government to make housing more affordable. Our hope is that they will work together, and with us, to end this crisis for good.