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Guest Message from HESTA Super Fund

Editorial: Mind the Gap

Anglicare Australia has long been concerned about retirement incomes. Income inadequacy in older age can lead to poor health and wellbeing outcomes, including early mortality. Superannuation is a pillar of good retirement and we are concerned about the issues facing those who work in low-paid roles, including in our own sector.HESTA-1

We partner with HESTA Super Fund to raise issues on superannuation, and on this Equal Pay Day, we bring you a guest editorial from them.

Women tend to retire with just over half the super of men. HESTA is fighting to change that – and not only because 80 per cent of our members are women.

We were founded on one simple principle: your work is some of the most valuable in Australia, so your life after work should reward you for it.

But for many women across Australia, fair reward for a lifetime of work just doesn’t happen. Broken work patterns, part-time work and multiple employers…these facts of life mean women are likely to retire with less super than their male workmates. Hard to believe in 2018, and even harder to witness.

That’s why HESTA welcomed the 2016 Senate Inquiry into women's economic security in retirement – and made one of the first submissions. It outlines our vision for a better future for our members, and women across Australia.

What we’re fighting for: Super for everyone
Workers who earn less than $450 per month from one employer don’t receive any super. Guess who’s most affected by this outdated system? “The $450 threshold is one of the super system settings that perpetuates ongoing inequity,” HESTA CEO Debby Blakey says.

“Women, particularly those working in health and community services, can often work in more than one part-time role. Their salary from each employer can fall under the $450 per month super threshold, resulting in these women being totally excluded from super.”

We asked for an end to the $450 barrier - and a fair deal for low income and part time workers.

Closing the gender pay gap
The biggest reason for the super gap is the gender pay gap – which in health and community services was 27 per cent in 2017. That’s a lot less super going into women’s accounts each month than into their male colleagues’.

Add or subtract time out of the workforce to care for others, and you’re looking at more of a gulf than a gap.

HESTA-2“The super gap women experience is not due to the choices they make – the main causes are the gender pay gap that sees women earning less than their male counterparts and unpaid time out of the workforce,” Debby points out.

We want to change the super system so women can perform these roles and not be penalised when they retire. It’s another step towards equal pay.

Many women are full-time unpaid carers – missing out on super completely. We recommended the government looks at overseas systems that reward carers fairly for their essential work.

Clearing the first hurdle
The Inquiry’s findings included many of our recommendations to help improve retirement outcomes for women.

In September 2017 we were delighted to see a bill introduced into Federal Parliament to abolish the $450 super threshold, and align SG payments with wages.

Debby is urging Parliament to consider the bill, saying action is needed right now to address unpaid super and the $450 super threshold.

We’re fighting hard for your tomorrow. But here’s what you can do today.

You can top up your super. You’ve heard it all before – but we really can’t stress this enough. Super’s likely to be your second biggest investment after your home.  Adding even $5 a week could translate to a lot more in your pocket later. Take 30 seconds to see what that actually looks like.

You can consolidate your accounts. Got several funds on the go? Think about rolling them into one, so you’re not paying more fees than you need to.

And you can make a one-off payment. Tax return a bit bigger than expected? Think about putting some into super – you might miss it at first, but it could buy a lot more when you finish work.

HESTA Super Fund is a sponsor of Anglicare Australia’s upcoming national conference. Read more ideas on how to boost your super.

National Office News

National Office News: Anglicare Australia calls for more home support for older Australians

Peaks urge more home support for older Australians
ACSA home careAnglicare Australia has joined a coalition of leading not-for-profit aged care peak bodies, saying that recent data shows a worrying and unsustainable trend in the demand and provision of home care packages for older Australians.

“These figures show a trend towards more people waiting for home care, more people being assigned packages that don’t meet their needs and more people joining the queue for services,” said ACSA CEO Pat Sparrow.

Figures for the quarter ended 31 March 2018, show the queue of those waiting to receive a package, or an appropriate package for their needs, rose to 108, 456 people compared to 104, 602 for the December quarter.

“This is about how we value older Australians. People must be able to get the care they need at home - or we are severely limiting the choices of older people,” said Kasy Chambers, Executive Director of Anglicare Australia.

Click here to read the full release.

Anglicare Australia joins Federal Labor's Community Sector Partnership
Shadow Minister for Families and Social Services Linda Burney, along with Shadow Assistant Minister for Family and Community Services Jenny McAllister, held a meeting of the Federal Labor Community Sector Partnership. The meeting was attended by Anglicare Australia Executive Director Kasy Chambers.

As both Linda and Jenny are new to these portfolios following Jenny Macklin’s long-term incumbency, this was an important opportunity to talk about what we see as the priorities facing people on low incomes and the sector. The partnership will continue to meet and input into the opposition’s social policy agenda.

Anglicare Australia calls for reversal of SRSS cuts
SRSSAnglicare Australia has joined with the Refugee Council of Australia and other organisations in writing to Minister Peter Dutton about changes to the Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS). The SRSS program provides income support and case management for people seeking asylum.

The cuts were made despite warnings that thousands of vulnerable people would be pushed into destitution and homelessness. Now, over a thousand people already have lost income support, torture trauma counselling, and case management. Thousands more will be affected in the next few months. That includes families with children, and even pregnant mothers.

Our letter expressed concern that the changes will result in people losing support. We also highlighted the impact on vulnerable people, families and children. We called for the cuts to be reconsidered.

Click here to find out more about the cuts, and the campaign to reverse them.

Anglicare Australia provides input on the National Disability Agreement
ARTICLE 01 - Anglicare SQ 2Anglicare Australia has made a submission to the National Disability Agreement Review. Our input drew on the experience of the Anglicare Australia Network in delivering services to people with disability. We argued that there remains a need for a national agreement to provide accountability for each level of Government for their responsibility in working towards the full inclusion of people with disability.

Anglicare Australia also called for an assurance of support for those who are unable to use mainstream services. We stressed that is the fundamental responsibility of government to ensure the availability of support services for every Australian who needs them.

Click here to read the full submission.

Register for Anglicare Australia’s 2018 Conference
Registrations are still open for the 2018 Anglicare Australia National Conference, to be held at the Stanford Grand Glenelg in Adelaide, from 16-19 September, 2018.

This year, we are delighted to invite delegates to Yellaka, a greeting ceremony to be held before the first day of the Conference at 8am on Monday morning. All delegates are invited to bring a leaf or a small stick to place on the spirit fire of peace. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander delegates are particularly welcome.

Our theme for 2018, Courage in Kindness: Driving Change in Work and Community, captures our work and our mission. Individually we are strong and together we are even stronger. We work in hundreds of communities across Australia, responding to the needs of people in need of care. As a network we are working towards our shared goals, collaborating to improve our work, and supporting each other as we advance our mission.

Delegates will be treated to concurrent sessions from experts from across the Anglicare network; some outstanding keynote addresses; and networking opportunities throughout the three days. And as always, we will kick off on Sunday evening with an opening service on Sunday night.

Click here to register for the Anglicare Australia National Conference. When registering, please ensure that you request an invoice. Do not register with a credit card.

Join us for the Anglicare Australia National Awards for Innovation and Excellence
We are delighted to invite you to the 2018 Anglicare Australia National Awards for Innovation and Excellence. Award nominations have now closed, and this year’s awards are shaping up to be more exciting than ever.

The Anglicare Australia National Awards for Innovation and Excellence are sponsored by Telstra. They recognise the unique culture of the Anglicare Australia network in innovation, excellence, partnership and the invaluable contribution of volunteers.

This year for the first time, we are combining the Anglicare Australia Awards Ceremony and the conference dinner for one big night to remember. The event will be held at the National Wine Centre of Australia, nestled in the heart of Adelaide’s Botanic Gardens, on Monday 17 September 2018.

The Centre is the national showcase for the Australian wine industry. As the home of the nation’s wine collection, the Centre offers wine lovers an unparalleled opportunity to learn more, and enjoy the rich diversity of varieties produced in Australia.

Click here to register for the Anglicare Australia National Awards Ceremony and Dinner. When registering, please ensure that you request an invoice. Do not register with a credit card.

Anglicare Network News

Anglicare Network News

Upcoming Anglicare Australia network meetings
Time has been set aside before, after and throughout the upcoming Anglicare Australia National Conference for Special Interest Network meetings. Staff with interest in and responsibility for a particular field of work can join a relevant network and learn from the experience of others and provide leadership themselves:

  • Research network, 10am on Sunday 16 September 2018. For more information, contact [email protected].
  • Chaplaincy and parish community work network, 1.30pm Sunday 16 September 2018 and 3.45pm on Monday 17 September 2018. For more information, contact [email protected].
  • Aged and community care network, 3.45pm on Monday 17 September 2018. For more information, contact [email protected].
  • Media and communications network, 3.45pm on Monday 17 September 2018. For more information, contact [email protected].
  • First Nation's staff network, 3.45pm on Monday 17 September 2018. For more information, contact [email protected].
  • Reconciliation network, 5pm on Tuesday 18 September 2018. For more information, contact [email protected].

If you plan to attend any of these meetings, please let the contact person know so they and the conference team can get an idea of likely numbers. There is also space in the conference timetable for additional network meetings. If you would like to schedule a network meeting, please contact [email protected].

Forum: Financial counselling, families and emergency relief
Anglicare Australia will host a joint gathering of the emergency relief, financial counselling and family, children and communities networks. The forum will be held from 3.45-5.15 pm on Monday 17 September in Ballroom 2. Participants will discuss key ongoing issues such as dealing with DEX (the DSS database), the upcoming expiry of grants, and interactions with Centrelink.

Financial Counselling is a proposed new network; while the Emergency Relief and Family, Children and Communities networks have often used the Conference to catch up and decide on further possible meetings or collaborative projects through the year. After the update from AA and subsequent discussion, we hope to use the room to talk about the possibilities for future action, either all together or in separate networks.

For more information about the Forum, contact [email protected].

Ian Carter AM to step down from Anglicare WA after 25 years
Ian CarterAnglicare WA CEO Ian Carter AM will leave the role next year after nearly 25 years at the helm. Mr Carter announced that he will depart Anglicare WA on 30 June, 2019 to ensure a smooth transition to a new CEO.

Ian has led the organisation over a remarkable era as Anglicare WA evolved to a leading community service provider for WA’s most vulnerable people. Ian said the time was right for change.

“Anglicare WA provided help to more than 34,000 people in the last year, supporting 40 per cent of State’s homeless youth, and distributing over $1.6 million in emergency relief aid,” he said.

“It’s an exciting time for Anglicare WA as the organisation strives to achieve a just and fair Western Australia where all people thrive, which will continue long into the future.”

Anglicare WA Chairman John Barrington said Ianwill leave a lasting legacy on the organisation.

“Ian was appointed CEO of Anglicare WA in April 1995. By the time he leaves next year, Ian will have been CEO for 24 of Anglicare WA’s 43 year history, and has overseen phenomenal expansion in the organisation’s service delivery,” said Mr Barrington.

“It’s a remarkable achievement.”

Click here to read the announcement, and click here to read a profile of Ian in The West Australian.

Introducing the “Assisted Dying Legislation” into Benetas
Sandra-Hills-NEWSandra Hills, CEO of Benetas and Anglicare Australia Council Member, has published an article exploring the implications of the Assisted Dying Bill 2017 by the Victorian Legislative Assembly.

The law will go through an 18 month period of implementation before individuals can request access to voluntary assisted dying. Importantly, the voluntary assisted dying legislation is not intended to, nor should it, replace the need for end of life discussions, Advance Care Planning and information sharing on the role and significance of palliative care.

Sandra's article explores the next steps for Benetas - to read, digest and understand the legislation, and identify the issues, risks and mitigation strategies, develop policies for discussion with staff, clients and their family, and monitoring all of the review of all aspects of our approach.

Click here to read Sandra Hills’ article.

AnglicareSA launches Moments That Matter campaign
anglicaresaAnglicareSA has partnered with the State Government to launch a new campaign called Moments That Matter. It's aimed at trying to attract families to help meet the growing demand for carers.

AnglicareSA CEO and Anglicare Australia Council Member Peter Sandeman said "we now have 3,300 children in out of home care and too many of them are in residential care, they need families to support them."

"Families come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and we want a diverse range of foster carers as well," he said.

The Moments that Matter campaign stresses that foster carers are not alone - AnglicareSA provides training and ongoing support to help make a difference in a child’s life. It also informs people about flexible and weekend options for being a foster carer.

Click here to find out more about the Moments That Matter campaign.

National Awards Profile

2017 Awards profile: Kimberley Family Violence Service, Anglicare WA

Welcome to our series of profiles on the winners and highly commended of the Anglicare Australia 2017 National Awards for Innovation and Excellence. These profiles are featured in the 2018 Anglicare Australia Review.

ARTICLE 16 - Kimberley Family Violence Service 3The Kimberley Family Violence Service is an Anglicare WA service delivered exclusively in the remote Kimberley region of northern Western Australia.

The Kimberley Family Violence Service workers assume a collaborative role with local services to provide a continuum of responses to perpetrators and victims of family violence; from timely attendance following a police incident, to long-term therapeutic and behaviour change support. 

ARTICLE 16 - Kimberley Family Violence Service 2The program has four Men’s Family Violence Workers, whose innovations in service delivery to predominantly Aboriginal male perpetrators of family violence in remote settings have made the program a success.

With such a large footprint across the Kimberley the Kimberley Family Violence Service can provide consistent opportunities for men to change across the region. 

The judges said that this program demonstrated innovation by utilising partnerships and working with perpetrators of family violence in a culturally appropriate way. They have highly commended it for innovation in service delivery for improved client outcomes.

Research and Resources

New research and resources: Get Online Week, ACNC Review, Youth Action, and AIHW

getonlineGet Online Week
Good Things Foundation
During the week of 15-21 October, the Good Things Foundation is running the first digital inclusion campaign in Australia called Get Online Week. This campaign is part of a broader Be Connected Network across Australia, a free Australian Government initiative aimed at increasing the confidence, skills and online safety of older Australians online. $1500 event grants are available for any Be Connected Network Partner to help promote the program. For more information, or to express interest in a webinar for Anglicare Australia members, contact Ellen at Anglicare Australia on [email protected] or Jess from Good Things Foundation on [email protected].

MHAStrengthening for purpose: Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission legislation review
ACNC Review Panel
This report is based on feedback from stakeholders in consultations and roundtables across Australia. A number of themes emerged in the consultations and written submissions and these are addressed in this Report. The report explores the regulatory framework and includes governance, reporting, basic religious charities, secrecy, advocacy, criminal misconduct and beyond charities. Commissioner The Hon Dr Gary Johns will meet with CEOs and board members as part of Anglicare Australia's upcoming conference. The report is available here.

Youth ActionInequality in Australia: A young person’s perspective
Youth Action
This report delivers the views of young people on issues important to young people and in their own words in order to bridge the participation gap and ensure those views are heard in important discussions and debates. Through the lens of fairness, equity and equality, young people were clearly disappointed with the current government’s action on issues and many cited that politicians lacked vision and failed to listen to young people. The report is available here.

AIHWSleeping rough: a profile of Specialist Homelessness Services clients
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
Rough sleepers are the most visible population experiencing homelessness. This report explores the circumstances, experiences and housing outcomes of rough sleepers who sought assistance from specialist homelessness services between 1 July 2011 and 30 June 2015. Based on service use patterns across a 4-year period, this comprehensive analysis highlights the diversity and the complexities of the rough sleeper population. The report is available here.

Policy, consultations and grants

New consultations and grants

Inquiry into Assistive Technology and the NDIS
As part of the committee’s role to inquire into the implementation, performance and governance of the NDIS, the Joint Standing Committee on the National Disability Insurance Scheme is conducting an inquiry into and report on the provision of assistive technology.

Submissions close Monday 14 September 2018. More information is available here.

Consultation on Human Rights and Technology
The Australian Human Rights Commission is calling for submissions responding to the questions in the Human Rights and Technology Issues Paper. This may be of interest to Anglicare Australia members working on digital inclusion, or with older people navigating technology.

Submissions close on Tuesday 2 October 2018. More information is available here.

Inquiry into general issues around the implementation and performance of the NDIS
The Joint Standing Committee on the National Disability Insurance Scheme is conducting this inquiry, which aims to identify broad systemic issues relating to the implementation and operation of the Scheme. After 30 June each year, the committee reports to Parliament on recurrent issues that have arisen and offers recommendations intended to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Scheme.

Submissions are open, and no closing date has been nominated. More information is available here.

National Disability Agreement Review

The Productivity Commission will review the National Disability Agreement, including by examining progress against the performance framework in the Agreement and the extent to which it has supported improved outcomes for people with disability, their families, and carers.

Submissions close on Friday 21 December 2018. More information is available here.

Sector Events

Sector Events, August 2018

SafeCare Webinar
In partnership with Anglicare Victoria’s SafeCare Coach, Leanne Waite, Suzana Mihajlovic of the Out-of-Home Care SCG will be presenting a webinar on SafeCare on Thursday 13th September at 11:30am. Only 50 spaces available on the webinar. To express interest in attending, email [email protected].

Anglicare Australia National Conference
The 2018 Anglicare Australia National Conference will be held at the Stamford Grand Glenelg in Adelaide, from 16-19 September, 2018. Our theme for 2018 is Courage in Kindness: Driving Change in Work and Community. This is a professional development prospect that will give you the opportunity to share your ideas and experiences, and celebrate your progress and plans for the future. More information is available here.

Anti-Poverty Week
Anti-Poverty Week is a week where all Australians are encouraged to organise or take part in an activity aiming to highlight or overcome issues of poverty and hardship here in Australia or overseas. It was established in Australia as an expansion of the UN's annual International Anti-Poverty Day on October 17. In Anti-Poverty Week will be held from the 14th to the 20th of October. Anglicare Australia is a principal national sponsor of Anti-Poverty Week, and Anglicare WA’s Ian Carter is a national co-chair. More information is available here.

'A Day in the Life': Connecting politicians, senior bureaucrats with financial counselling agencies
Many Anglicare agencies employ financial counsellors – they know already that financial counsellors provide advice to people struggling with bills and debts. But too often key decision makers – our politicians and their advisors or our senior bureaucrats - don't understand the role. That's why Financial Counselling Australia (FCA), the peak body for financial counsellors is putting together its "Day in the Life" project. Visits will be organised between September and November 2018. To find out more, contact [email protected] or call Rita Battaglin 0403 220 777.

Family and Relationship Services Australia National Conference
The FRSA National Conference is one of the largest annual gatherings of practitioners, academics and policy makers working to support children, families and communities. It will feature a number of highly acclaimed keynote presenters, as well as federal ministers and sector leaders with a focus on delivering the most effective services to children, families and young people. The Conference will be held on the 20-23 November, 2018 at the Pullman Cairns International Hotel. More information is available here.

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