Asking Those Who Know: Survey Report

A survey of Australians on Centrelink payments.

The old rate of JobSeeker was leaving people with as little as $7 a day after paying rent, according to a new survey from Anglicare Australia.

  • JobSeeker increases halved the percentage of people living on $7 a day, and left people with more income across the board
  • This will help people eat properly. Before the jobseeker increase, three quarters of people (72 percent) skipped meals every week. Most skipped an average of 3-4 meals a week.
  • Few people believe that Centrelink obligations are helping them find paid work (13 percent)
  • An overwhelming number of people feel their Centrelink activities are pointless (79 percent)
  • Most people (74 percent) said they would be willing to do Centrelink activities that are fair. Even more (75 percent) want to do activities that lead to work.