2016 State of the Family Report – Positions Vacant: When the Jobs Aren’t There

Positions Vacant? When the Jobs Aren’t There is informed by Anglicare Australia’s first Jobs Availability Snapshot.

The findings from the Snapshot show that only 13 percent of all advertised jobs in May 2016 were at the entry level (which assumes year 10 education or equivalent).  

In May there were 21,812 entry level jobs advertised in Australia. That same month there were 138,044 people registered as disadvantaged job seekers, in a total of 732,000 people unemployed. That is about six people in need of an entry level job for every job advertised.

The report shows evidence from our network agencies that people are facing barriers to employment as a result of widespread economic upheaval. We have nine stories that make up the report from Anglicare network members in almost every state of Australia detailing a breadth of challenges to finding work.