2012 State of the Family report – When there’s not enough to eat

When there’s not enough to eat is based on the Anglicare network’s first national research project – a study into food insecurity among people seeking Emergency Relief at Anglicare services across Australia.

The survey found that around 45,000 households using the services didn’t have enough money to adequately feed their families. Of this group, adults in 22,000 households went without food for a whole day, most weeks.

When there’s not enough to eat also looked at the social cost of food insecurity. Going hungry affects people’s ability to function in everyday life. They become depressed, socially isolated and experience poorer health. Adults find it harder to get work and children struggle at school.

Produced in two volumes, the first  explores the key findings of the study through essays and  the second volume is the full research report of that study.