The Review

The Anglicare Australia Review looks at the year just passed and conveys our story through the eyes and voices of Anglicare clients, staff and communities.

The Review illustrates the work of the Anglicare Australia network and tells some of the stories of the people that ask us in to share their lives. The individual stories offer us hope and show a picture of how effective, tailored, caring and compassionate responses to people and communities should look.

When we need support, which each of us will at some time in our lives, services and individuals like those detailed in The Review will offer us the best opportunity to move on with our lives in productive and meaningful ways.

Of course to enable individual lives to be meaningful and fulfilling, we need a society that supports this – one that is far more than a mere collection of individuals. The Review also highlights the work the Anglicare Australia network does to bring to the public’s attention, issues where we are not the best society we can be - areas like housing, secure work and an adequate income.