Publication Format: Submission

Submission to the Aged Care Amendment (Implementing Care Reform) Bill

Inadequate staffing means not enough time to care, and poorer outcomes for residential aged care residents and staff. In this submission, Anglicare Australia supported the provisions in the Bill relating to 24 hour per day nursing. But we recognise the reforms will impact different services and communities differently and highlighted some of the impacts on providers, including specialist and rural and regional providers.

Submission on the Digital Protections Framework for Employment Services Programs

This submission comments on the Draft Social Security (Digital Protections Framework for Employment Services Programs) Determination 2022. It argues that while this Framework is a useful step, the new system has been created in a way that will continue to allow the Secretary and providers to issue rigid penalties, such as payment suspensions and cancellations, without review. It also makes detailed comments and recommendations on Schedule 1 of the Draft Framework.

Submission on the Remake of the ACNC Regulations

Anglicare Australia provided comment on the expsoure draft of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) Regulations 2022. In the submission we supported the full implementation of the ACNC Legislation Review 2018, and recommended Governance Standard 3 is removed from the remade regulations. Registered entities already have to comply with all applicable laws. Governance Standard 3 is unnecessary, undermines the Charities Act, and provides the Commissioner too much discretion over subjective actions.

Submission on Repeal of the Cashless Debit Card

In this submission Anglicare Australia commended the Government for introducing legislation to abolish the Cashless Debit Card, which has harmed those who have been forced onto it without providing any benefit. However, while we support the abolition of the Cashless Debit Card, we are concerned that the repeal of this bill does not apply to the income management program introduced during the Northern Territory Intervention, where three-quarters of people on the Basics Card are First Nations.

Submission on the Transition to Independent Living Allowance

This submission makes recommendations about changes to the Leaving Care Plan and TILA
application process that will improve access to financial support for care leavers. It also recommends
increasing social security payments to support young people leaving informal care who cannot access
the TILA, or who are waiting to have their claim for a TILA assessed.

Submission on Indirect Employment in Aged care

This submission provides input to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Aged Care Employment. The inquiry is exaamining employment models in aged care, and the effects that policies and procedures to preference the direct employment of aged care workers would have on the sector. Our submission reports that services naturally prefer the direct employment of personal carers and nurses where they can. The best way to reduce the reliance on agency and labour hire staff is to improve wages and conditions for aged care workers, attracting more workers into the sector.

National Housing and Homelessness Agreement Inquiry

This submission provides recommendations on the role that the National Housing and Homelessness Agreement, can play in reducing the shortfall of social and affordable housing and improving our response to homelessness.

Submission to the Draft National Plan to End Violence Against Women and Children

In this submission, Anglicare Australia lays out a plan to help women and children affected by family violence, and the community organisations who support them. Despite significant investment in tackling family violence at a federal and state level in recent years, rates of family violence remain alarmingly high. Anglicare Australia recommends setting clear targets, committing to adequate funding, and taking stronger actions to avoid past mistakes.