Publication Format: Submission

Submission on Indirect Employment in Aged care

This submission provides input to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Aged Care Employment. The inquiry is exaamining employment models in aged care, and the effects that policies and procedures to preference the direct employment of aged care workers would have on the sector. Our submission reports that services naturally prefer the direct employment of personal carers and nurses where they can. The best way to reduce the reliance on agency and labour hire staff is to improve wages and conditions for aged care workers, attracting more workers into the sector.

National Housing and Homelessness Agreement Inquiry

This submission provides recommendations on the role that the National Housing and Homelessness Agreement, can play in reducing the shortfall of social and affordable housing and improving our response to homelessness.

Submission to the Draft National Plan to End Violence Against Women and Children

In this submission, Anglicare Australia lays out a plan to help women and children affected by family violence, and the community organisations who support them. Despite significant investment in tackling family violence at a federal and state level in recent years, rates of family violence remain alarmingly high. Anglicare Australia recommends setting clear targets, committing to adequate funding, and taking stronger actions to avoid past mistakes.

Submission to the New Disability Employment Service Model

This submission provides recommendations aimed at improving the experiences and outcomes for people with disability in finding and maintaining meaningful employment. These include removing mutual obligations, making participation voluntary, broadening eligibility, and addressing thin markets.

Submission to the Select Committee on Covid-19

Anglicare Australia has laid out a plan to get Australia through the Omicron outbreak, and plan for new Covid variants. Submitted to the Select Committee on Covid-19 the plan calls for free, universal Rapid Antigen Tests for all Australians; a COVID support package for the community sector; a national approach to keep essential workers in frontline service sectors at work safely; and urgent help to keep older Australians safe in aged care.

Pre-Budget Submission 2022-23

In this submission, Anglicare Australia lays out a pandemic plan to help people on the lowest incomes, and the community organisations who support them. The 2022-23 Federal Budget will play a critical role as Australia enters the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic and learns to live with the virus. The Government will be required to play a much greater role than it has anticipated, and its leadership will be essential as we enter the next phase.

Submission to aligning regulation across the care and support sector consultation

Aligning regulation will help keep people safe, while also making it easier for service providers and workers to deliver care and support to older people and people with disability. Regulation must be fit-for-purpose, balanced against the need to foster innovation and collaboration, and not overly duplicative or burdensome for the workforce.

Submission to the Improving Choice in Aged Care: ACAR Discontinuation Discussion Paper

The discontinuation of the Aged Care Approvals Round progresses several key recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, including promoting choice and control for older Australians, and encouraging innovation and high-quality service provision among providers. But the needs of vulnerable people are unlikely to be addressed through a reliance on market forces and mechanisms alone. The role of Government must be clearly articulated, and measures suggested in the Discussion Paper to ensure access for low-income and vulnerable older people should be further developed.

Submission to the NDIS consultation on Home and Living

Although some people with disability have choice and control regarding their home and living situation, many do not. This submission makes recommendations to help improve the home and living options available to NDIS participants. Anglicare Australia recommends that the NDIA play a greater role in intervening to create long-term growth and more opportunities for people with disability to live an ordinary life in a home environment that they choose.