Publication Format: Submission

Submission on Quality Indicators for in-home aged care

Frameworks such as a Quality Indicator (QI) Program can play an important role in supporting aged care providers to build cultures of quality and safety within their organisations, better enabling them to improve the quality of care. Yet too often these measures fail to capture meaningful information and place additional regulatory burden on the sector. To enable service enhancement, a QI Program needs to use consumer-driven indicators that measure factors within the scope of control for care providers.

Submission to the Draft National Urban Policy

As Australia continues to grow and our urban areas continue to expand, it will become increasingly important to take a holistic view of our communities, how we live, and what our quality of life continues to look like.

Submission to Responsible Buy Now Pay Later Bill 2024

Whilst the Government has taken significant steps forward with this Bill to improve regulation of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) products and increase consumer protections. This Bills fails to address the distortion that BNPL products cause to the credit market or provide people with enough protections from the harms caused by these products. Anglicare Australia recommend that the Bill be amended to ensure that BNPL products are treated and used in the same way as all other credit products.  

Submission on the Draft National Autism Strategy

This submission explores the structural barriers to financial security that are faced by people with Autism, demonstrating the negative impact that an inadequate and inaccessible income support system has on people with Autism. Ultimately, highlighting the critical role the Government has in supporting people with Autism if we are to create real, positive change.

Submission to the Inquiry into Compulsory Income Management

There is no credible evidence that compulsory income management reduces hardship and deprivation, or social harms due to alcohol and drugs. In spite of this, there has been over a decade and a half of expansion of this approach to regions across Australia, entrenching a policy without proving that it works. For years, Anglicare Australia has joined other social service organisations and First Nations communities in calling for an immediate end to compulsory income management. We reiterate that call in this submission.

Submission on the Electricity and Energy Sector Plan

As Australia has moved towards a decarbonised economy, the focus has been on changes that consumers can make to reduce their individual footprint. It is important to ensure that this focus on individual action does not evolve to penalising those without the means to invest in efficiency. Unless governments act to provide options for people facing structural or financial barriers, then only those with the means to invest will see the benefits. The Electricity and Energy Sector Plan must therefore place equity at its core.

Submission on the refresh of the National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions

The ability for people to prevent and manage chronic conditions is directly impacted by poverty. Ensuring people are supported regardless of their circumstances is crucial to improving health outcomes. This can be done by taking action to reduce poverty, for example, by lifting the rate of income support payments above the poverty line.

Submission to Build-to-rent tax concessions Exposure draft

Tackling Australia’s housing crisis requires governments to utilise all the levers at their disposal to promote affordability. The draft legislation and explanatory materials propose a market-based approach to assessing affordability. This is entirely inadequate. Affordable housing should be defined with an income-based approach, not a market-based one.

Submission to A new Aged Care Act: Exposure Draft

Anglicare Australia believes that every person has the right to dignity and quality of life as they age. The introduction of a new Aged Care Act provides us with an opportunity to transform Australia’s current aged care system and ensure we are doing our best to ensure the system is sustainable, meets the needs of those within the system, and recognises the rights of older people. In this submission, we call for greater support in developing a robust, sustainable and equitable legislative framework for all actors in the system

Submission on the draft Early Years Strategy

In this submission, Anglicare Australia recommends that the draft Strategy be amended to include the alleviation of poverty as part of the proposed Priority Focus Areas. This should be accompanied by actions to raise the income of caregivers above the poverty line and build more social housing.