Publication Format: Snapshot

Jobs Availability Snapshot 2021

Anglicare Australia’s annual Jobs Availability Snapshot has found that disadvantaged jobseekers are being left behind in the economic recovery.

Jobs Availability Snapshot 2020

Many commentators have described 2020 as a year of strange, unexpected disasters which have wreaked havoc on communities. In truth, it has been a year of predictable crises that have exposed and worsened the failures in our safety net.

Rental Affordability Snapshot 2021

After a year of volatility and shock, Australians are facing a rental market that has never been less affordable. The 2021 Rental Affordability Snapshot surveyed over 74,000 rental listings across Australia and found that affordability has crashed to record lows. Anglicare Australia is calling on the Government to tackle housing affordability in its next Budget.