Publication Format: Research

A Perfect Storm

Research from Anglicare Australia shows renters are facing a crisis as eviction moratoriums and rent deferrals end. This follows the release of a dramatic survey of Anglicare Australia member agencies.

Raising the Rate of JobSeeker for Good

Research from Anglicare Australia and UnitingCare Australia shows that JobSeeker increases halved the percentage of people living on $7 a day, and left people with more income across the board.

Asking Those Who Know

The old rate of JobSeeker was leaving people with as little as $7 a day after paying rent, according to a new survey from Anglicare Australia.

The Cost of Privilege

Research commissioned by Anglicare Australia shows that each year, a staggering $68 billion in taxpayer dollars is spent keeping the wealthiest households wealthy.

Student Housing Survey

This survey confirms that income support payments are too low and that Centrelink systems are in urgent need of reform

Inequality in Australia

Anglicare Australia partnered with the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) in the development of Inequality in Australia.

being a/part

A survey of young people’s experience of belonging

Beyond Supply & Demand

A research paper on the Anglicare Australia network’s evidence of what works for people excluded from the workforce.