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A Costly Choice

Anglicare Australia has released A Costly Choice, a report showing that Australia loses billions of dollars each year on tax breaks and concessions that benefit people on the highest incomes.

Left Behind

Anglicare Australia has released Left Behind, a paper showing that the planned Stage 3 Tax Cuts will go to highest income earners in the country and leave behind regional, rural, and disadvantaged areas.

Reforming Rent Assistance

This paper explores how and whether Commonwealth Rent Assistance is delivering on its aim, which is to alleviate rental stress for people on the lowest incomes. The paper is released in the wake of the 2023 Report on Government Services, which shows that the cost of rent assistance has grown to $4.9 billion per year.

Creating Jobs, Creating Opportunity

Creating Jobs, Creating Opportunity: Tackling long-term unemployment in Australia lays out a plan to support people who have been out of work long-term.

Nothing Left to Give

As part of Anti-Poverty Week, Anglicare Australia has released a report showing that demand is surging for help with food, rent and bills. Nothing Left to Give surveyed Anglicare Australia’s Emergency Relief services.

A Clear Choice

A Clear Choice shows that the Government could raise JobSeeker and other payments over the poverty line, and tackle the shortage of social homes, for less than the cost of the tax cuts.

Obligation Without Opportunity

Obligation Without Opportunity calls for a major overhaul of Australia’s employment service system, Workforce Australia.

Five Ideas Australia Needs Now

Ahead of the Federal Election, Anglicare Australia has released five bold ideas for candidates and parties. Anglicare Australia is calling for a basic income; a jobs guarantee; a community climate fund; a home for every Australian; and a people’s inquiry into Covid-19.