Opinion Pieces

A list of Opinion Pieces by Anglicare Australia staff in chronological order.

A matter of trust

28 Feb 2018 by Roland Manderson

In this editorial, Roland Manderson says that the Government's attacks on charities are taking their toll.
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Silencing the poor

23 Jan 2018 by Kasy Chambers

Writing in Pro Bono News, Kasy Chambers says attacks on charity advocacy are about locking the poor out of the policy debate.
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The future of welfare

28 Jul 2017 by Roland Manderson

In this editorial, Roland Manderson says that welfare is about governments doing what markets cannot - ensuring that opportunities are shared and that everyone has enough to live a decent life.

A tale of two Budgets

31 May 2017 by Kasy Chambers

In this editorial, Kasy Chambers says there were two types of measures handed down in this month's Federal Budget - those were "mean and unnecessary" and those that were "sensible but small."

Where is Compassion for Centrelink Debt Collection Victims

19 Jan 2017 by Kasy Chambers

In the social services sector, religious voices are significant because faith-based organisations tend to be informed by values of justice, thus informing our choice of vocation. While we might not always use explicit language about our faith traditions in efforts to be inclusive of all, the recent Centrelink Automated Debt Collection debacle has strongly reminded us of some of the biblical stories underpinning our advocacy.