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Anglicare Australia Response to Superannuation Objective Bill

21 Dec 2016 by Beth Doherty | Media Releases

Anglicare Australia has offered the following response to the Superannuation (Objective) Bill 2016. Anglicare Australia welcomes the Government’s commitment to legislate the objective of superannuation. A clear objective that requires any new policies to be compatible with its purpose will help to guide future reform. The lack of a formal objective has allowed superannuation to be used as a vehicle for various objectives, including tax avoidance, wealth accumulation and estate planning. It is important, then, for the objective to be considered in the context of creating a sustainable and fair retirement income system that will support people for decades to come. This will strengthen the likelihood that any changes to superannuation will support a holistic, well-functioning and balanced retirement income system that provides adequate retirement incomes for all.

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Anglicare Australia's Response to the New Disability Employment Services from 2018 Discussion Paper

19 Dec 2016 by Anglicare Australia | Media Releases

Anglicare Australia has written a letter to support the response of EPIC Assist to the Disability Employment Services Discussion Paper and add some reflections that come from the network more widely. The Disability Employment Services discussion paper strongly echoes discussions being had in other areas of service delivery: the need for more user choice and control, more competition, better outcomes and the right funding models to deliver them.

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Anglicare Australia's submission to a draft model for the delivery of an integrated carer support services system.

19 Dec 2016 by Anglicare Australia | Media Releases

Anglicare Australia has made the following submission to a draft model for the delivery of an integrated carers' support system. Anglicare Australia argues that the design of a comprehensive integrated carers’ support system demonstrates a real investigation into the complexity of life for the many people in Australia who are voluntary, mostly family, carers. As commentary in the draft model makes clear, the proposed new system needs to draw on the connections with the ongoing reforms in aged and disability care.

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Anglicare Australia responds to Fifth National Mental Health Plan.

15 Dec 2016 by Beth Doherty | Media Releases

Anglicare Australia has made a submission to the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council regarding the Fifth National Mental Health Plan. Our response is shaped by shared view that the Australia does not yet have an inclusive, coherent, positive approach to mental health despite years of inquiry, analysis and planning. Anglicare Australia recognises there has been a considerable body of government work, including four previous National Mental Health Plans, a ten-year COAG Roadmap for Mental Health Reform and a Review of Mental Health Programs and Services by the National Mental Health Commission.

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Anglicare Australia to use social media during Anti-Poverty Week to raise awareness

17 Oct 2016 by Anglicare Australia | Media Releases

Anglicare Australia has developed the hashtag #AntiPovertyPriority to mark Anti-Poverty Week, which began on the 16th and continues to the 22nd of October. In a short video, staff of the Anglicare Australia National office have shared their own visions for eliminating poverty in Australia. ( As the ACOSS Poverty in Australia report launched yesterday reminds us, Australia’s poorest people are getting poorer, an increasing number of children are being left behind and the inadequacy of basic income support is being denied by those who can simply look the other way.

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Priority Investment in People

20 Sep 2016 by Anglicare Australia | Media Releases Advocacy Welfare Reform Youth income

"Releasing the information that tells us about the impact of public funding and programs is an important step towards finding a formula for long term investment in our communities. However, in the process, we need to ensure that our goal remains the wellbeing of people, not merely reducing the welfare cost to our bottom line.”

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Anglicare Victoria launches Home Stretch campaign

22 Aug 2016 by Anglicare Victoria | Media Releases home Homelessness

Today Anglicare Victoria launched a Raising our children: Guiding young Victorians in care into adulthood, a socioeconomic cost benefit analysis commissioned from Deloitte Access Economics. It provides the evidence of the wide economic and social benefit of extending support to young people in state care from 18 to 21 years.

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Minority government an opportunity for ALL Australians

5 Jul 2016 by Anglicare Australia | Media Releases

Kasy Chambers, Executive Director of Anglicare Australia today argued that minority government can be a good thing and that this negotiating period is an opportunity for political parties to focus on governing for a more inclusive society.

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An adequate income IS the bottom line

22 Jun 2016 by Anglicare Australia | Media Releases Poverty income

Anglicare Australia today launched its 2016 Election Position Statement on adequate income. “In our modern society, inadequate income leads to exclusion” said executive director Kasy Chambers “And that damages communities and economies.”

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National action on housing and homelessness essential

21 Jun 2016 by Anglicare Australia | Media Releases Homelessness Housing

Anglicare Australia is campaigning with key not-for-profit partners for a national plan to increase the supply of affordable housing and to halve homelessness by 2025. Today it renewed its call for all the key players in this year’s federal election to commit to national action on housing and homelessness.

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