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Employment services are failing older Australians

22 Oct 2019 by Maiy Azize | Media Releases

Anglicare Australia is calling for an overhaul of employment services for older people. The call follows the release of the Anglicare Australia Jobs Availability Snapshot. “The job market isn’t working for everyone. It’s failing people who need the most help to find work – our research shows that at least five disadvantaged jobseekers are competing for each job at their level,” said Acting Executive Director of Anglicare Australia Roland Manderson.

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Anglicare Australia launches Jobs Availability Snapshot

16 Oct 2019 by Maiy Azize | Media Releases

Over half a million people have been suspended from Centrelink payments for not trying hard enough to land a job – but Anglicare Australia’s Jobs Availability Snapshot shows that the jobs just aren't there. Released today, the Snapshot measures how many jobs are available for people who don't have qualifications or work experience.

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Anglicare Australia calls for Robodebt system to be suspended

9 Oct 2019 by Maiy Azize | Media Releases

Anglicare Australia will today call for Centrelink’s Robodebt system to be suspended at a Senate committee hearing. “The Robodebt system has no human oversight – and it puts the onus onto ordinary people to correct robotised mistakes,” said Anglicare Australia Executive Director Kasy Chambers.

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Drug testing trial a red herring

6 Sep 2019 by Maiy Azize | Media Releases

Anglicare Australia's Executive Director Kasy Chambers has called for the abandonment of the Government's proposed welfare drug tests, calling them a distraction from failures of the social security system. “There has been unprecedented outcry over the low rate of Newstart and failures of the robodebt system in recent months. Dredging up this bill now looks like a red herring,” Ms Chambers said.

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