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Trapped on the edges

21 Jul 2015 by Anglicare Australia | Media Releases Poverty

Anglicare Australia is concerned that whole communities in Australia are being left behind due to exceeding disadvantage, following the release of Dropping off the Edge 2015 by Jesuit Social Services and Catholic Social Services Australia today.

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Leaked review needs full release

14 Apr 2015 by Anglicare Australia | Media Releases mental

Executive Director of Anglicare Australia, Kasy Chambers has joined the leaders in the mental health sector in calling for the full release of the National Mental Health Commission’s Review into Australia’s mental health services.

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The value of the not for profit

31 Mar 2015 by Anglicare Australia | Media Releases NFP

On the release of the Competition Policy Review today, Anglicare Australia has cautioned the Australian government against locking on to a business model for the delivery of human services at the expense of investing in human relationships and connectedness, in the mistaken belief that it will be more efficient and effective

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Tax reform for a stronger healthier society; not vested interests

30 Mar 2015 by Anglicare Australia | Media Releases Tax

In reviewing the government’s Tax discussion paper today, and the responses flowing from its release, Anglicare Australia Executive Director, Kasy Chambers says discussion should be around the shape of the society we are trying to build, which is about fairness, opportunity and inclusion.

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Intergenerational Report a chance to start talking

5 Mar 2015 by Anglicare Australia | Media Releases Welfare Reform

Anglicare Australia says the 2015 Intergenerational Report: Australia to 2055 is an opportunity to think about how we are heading for the future, but it will do more harm than good if it is merely used to insist that people work harder and longer.

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