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Church Community Service Providers Condemn Welfare Bill

14 Nov 2017 by Maiy Azize | Media Releases

UnitingCare Australia, Catholic Social Services Australia and Anglicare Australia have joined together to condemn the Federal Government’s Welfare Reform Bill saying a majority of the measures contained within the Bill will further punish and demonises people who are already on low incomes and need support.

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Making Our Mark: Anglicare Australia Annual Report

17 Sep 2017 by Maiy Azize | Media Releases

Anglicare Australia's Annual Report is now available online after being accepted at the September Annual General Meeting. It also showcases the work of our network, our impact in media debates, and our role in influencing social and economic policy.

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Government must abandon cruel welfare changes

17 Aug 2017 by Maiy Azize | Media Releases

Anglicare Australia is calling on Parliament to reject the Government’s proposed welfare changes, which are due to be debated. “Australians on low incomes are struggling to make ends meet. But instead of offering relief, the Government is scapegoating people in need,” said Anglicare Australia Executive Director Kasy Chambers.

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Anglicare Australia joins church providers to condemn drug testing

8 Aug 2017 by Maiy Azize | Media Releases

Anglicare Australia’s Acting Executive Director Roland Manderson has called on the Senate crossbench to reject the government's drug testing proposal. “With no expert support and no plans to ensure rehabilitation services, the drug testing regime will only do more harm,” Mr Manderson said.

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Anglicare Australia responds to proposed welfare cuts

7 Aug 2017 by Maiy Azize | Media Releases

Anglicare Australia has made submissions in response to the government's proposed welfare reforms. ​These changes could cut nearly half a billion dollars in proposed cuts to Australia’s shrinking social security net. Disturbingly, these savage and unnecessary cuts are accompanied by a deliberate revival of a culture of paternalism towards people on government payments.

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Charities must be able to speak up

4 Aug 2017 by Maiy Azize | Media Releases

Anglicare Australia is opposing moves to regulate or cut back on the advocacy work of charities. "The best use of tax deductible donations is the support of advocacy by charities and community sector organisations," Acting Executive Director of Anglicare Australia Roland Manderson said.

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We should be fighting inequality – not leaving people behind

1 Aug 2017 by Maiy Azize | Media Releases

Anglicare Australia will strongly oppose the Government’s latest welfare changes, which come at a time of growing concern about rising inequality. “Inequality is real. It’s not something people have imagined,” said Anglicare Australia Acting Executive Director Roland Manderson.

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