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Anglicare Australia responds to proposed welfare cuts

7 Aug 2017 by Maiy Azize | Media Releases

Anglicare Australia has made submissions in response to the government's proposed welfare reforms. ​These changes could cut nearly half a billion dollars in proposed cuts to Australia’s shrinking social security net. Disturbingly, these savage and unnecessary cuts are accompanied by a deliberate revival of a culture of paternalism towards people on government payments.

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Charities must be able to speak up

4 Aug 2017 by Maiy Azize | Media Releases

Anglicare Australia is opposing moves to regulate or cut back on the advocacy work of charities. "The best use of tax deductible donations is the support of advocacy by charities and community sector organisations," Acting Executive Director of Anglicare Australia Roland Manderson said.

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Anglicare Australia opposes cutting the Energy Supplement

14 Jul 2017 by Maiy Azize | Submissions

Anglicare Australia has opposed the Government’s proposal to phase-out the Energy Supplement, which would cut income support payments for an estimated 2.2 million people. “Australia already has some of the lowest income support payments in the world,” said Anglicare Australia Acting Executive Director Roland Manderson.

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Anglicare Australia network calls for abandonment of welfare changes

23 Jun 2017 by Maiy Azize | Media Releases

The Anglicare Australia network has released a statement calling on the Government to abandon its proposed welfare changes. Measures such as the new demerit point system, random drug testing and increased obligations to look for work that isn’t there or participate in work for the dole programs, are punitive and not supported by evidence.

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Robodebt program must be suspended

21 Jun 2017 by Maiy Azize | Media Releases

Anglicare Australia has called for the Centrelink automated debt recovery process to be suspended. “This system has no human oversight – and it puts the onus back on ordinary people to correct robotised errors,” said Anglicare Australia Executive Director Kasy Chambers.

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