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We can’t put a positive spin on the housing crisis

Jul 9, 2019, 15:04 PM by Maiy Azize

Anglicare Australia is calling for a national plan to tackle the housing affordability crisis. This echoes calls made by the Council of Capital City Lord Mayors.

“Housing in Australia is broken. Anglicare Australia’s research shows that affordability has been plummeting for the last ten years. That’s why more Australians are homeless and at risk of homelessness than ever before. And it’s why capital city mayors have been calling for action at today’s summit” said Anglicare Australia Acting Executive Director Roland Manderson.

“There is a huge shortage of secure, affordable rentals. Our latest Rental Affordability Snapshot found that not a single rental was affordable for a person on Newstart or Youth Allowance in any capital city. Even working people are struggling to put a roof over their heads – we found that just 2% of rentals are affordable for a person earning the minimum wage.

“And now we’re seeing older Australians getting stuck in expensive and insecure rentals. Rates of homelessness among older women are skyrocketing, at a time in their life when they need stability more than ever.”

Mr Manderson called for investment in affordable and social housing.

“Emergency accommodation is important, but it won’t solve the root causes of homelessness: that many Australians just can’t afford somewhere to live.

“People on the lowest incomes are being squeezed out of the rental market. That’s why it’s urgent that we invest in social housing. This would be the most powerful first step to tackling homelessness.

“Our social housing shortfall is massive. We need 300,000 new social properties across Australia. There is no way to put a positive spin on that gap.

“The federal government must commit to ending this shortfall and ensure that everyone has a place to call home,” Mr Manderson said.