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Anglicare Australia election wrap-up

May 21, 2019, 07:36 AM by Maiy Azize

The election is now over, and following the re-election of the Government, Anglicare Australia released a statement on Sunday congratulating the Coalition and the Prime Minister. We also pledged to continue working with the Government, and we will be making contact with new ministers and key leaders in the coming weeks.

But with 151 new and returning members of parliament, we have also urged Anglicare Australia Network members get know their local MPs. Local MPs are the backbone of the major parties, and they are also the most sensitive to the issues that voters care about. We hope all of Network members will take the opportunity to meet with them about the issues that we took to the election campaign.

Anglicare Australia will continue to push our priorities nationally. The Government, and the country, face major challenges. Hundreds of thousands of Australians are struggling to find an affordable home. Those who are out of work or underemployed are struggling to make ends meet. And many older Australians are retiring into poverty.

As all Anglicare Australia members know, Newstart has been frozen at dangerously low levels for 25 years. This election campaign has shown that there is unprecedented support to raise the rate. We will continue to push to increase these payments – and reform them so that they keep pace with the cost of living.

We need action on the huge shortfall in social and affordable housing. Our Rental Affordability Snapshot, released early in the campaign, shows the depth of this crisis. We must stop Australia from becoming a country where only the very wealthy can avoid housing stress.

And it’s becoming more and more clear that we need action on aged care. We welcomed the Government’s decision to call a Royal Commission. Now we hope to work with them to clear the home care waiting list, tackle workforce challenges, and build a sustainable funding model for the sector.

These are the priorities we’ve emphasised in our open letters to the Government and Opposition, in our position statements, and in our media appearances. We will continue to work with the Government on each of these fronts. And we will continue to support you to build relationships in Parliament.

The Anglicare Australia Election Tracker is attached to help you get across the commitments made by the Government and Opposition during the campaign. Members of the new Senate crossbench have also released initiatives, and you can find them here:

From all of us at Anglicare Australia, we thank you for your support of our election advocacy. We look forward to working with you all over the next term of Government.