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Anglicare Australia speech on the future of human services

Jul 20, 2017, 15:14 PM by Maiy Azize

Roland Manderson, Acting Executive Director of Anglicare Australia, today delivered a speech on priority investment in human services.

Mr Manderson spoke as part of a panel that featured Minister for Human Services Christian Porter and Productivity Commissioner Richard Spencer.

The speech focused on how human services can help create a fairer society:
"We should frame this discussion about priority investment in terms of creating a better, more inclusive, society. That means the ‘investment’ is a partnership with people at risk of ongoing hardship or disengagement, with people facing challenges – those looking for improved wellbeing and participation in our society.

That should be the point of human services and the point of welfare. It’s about governments doing what markets cannot, ensuring that opportunities are shared and that everyone has enough to live a decent life. We should be using our system to make Australia more equitable; something we should actually strive for rather than fear."

Click here to download the full speech.