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Anglicare Australia opposes cutting the Energy Supplement

Jul 14, 2017, 14:32 PM by Maiy Azize

Anglicare Australia has opposed the Government’s proposal to phase-out the Energy Supplement, which would cut income support payments for an estimated 2.2 million people.

“Australia already has some of the lowest income support payments in the world. Axing the Energy Supplement would cut them by up to $7 a week,” said Anglicare Australia Acting Executive Director Roland Manderson.

“Any cuts will hurt people who rely on income support, and who are already living well below the poverty line.

“The Energy Supplement was the first real increase to Newstart and Youth Allowance since 1994. At a time when cost-of-living and energy costs are soaring, this cut would be unconscionable” Mr Manderson said.

Mr Manderson rejected the explanation that this was a proposal to end carbon tax compensation.

“This payment was actually introduced in place of scheduled increases to the payments themselves. The name of a Bill doesn’t always tell you what it does. We should call this proposal what it is – another attempt to cut income support.

“The Senate Inquiry looking at this already has plenty of evidence that people can’t afford these cuts. Anglicare Australia is just one of many groups that have overwhelmingly rejected them. 

“Let’s abandon these cuts and work together to design a payment system that meets everybody’s needs.”

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