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Common Sense for the Common Good – Stop the Trade off in Essential Services

Feb 16, 2017, 09:52 AM by Beth Doherty

Anglicare Australia joined with ACOSS and a range of community organisations this week to oppose the Government’s Omnibus Bill that would see vulnerable people losing income benefits in order to pay for other essential services including childcare and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS.)

“Anglicare Australia serves around one in 25 vulnerable Australians, many of whom rely on income support such as Carers’ Payments, Parenting Payments, Disability Support Payments and Family Tax Benefits. Some are looking for help from the NDIS. Some need better access to childcare” Anglicare Australia’s Executive Director Kasy Chambers said today.  

“Adequate funding of both childcare and the NDIS must be non-negotiable. Government should not be not a game of poker where the first to blink loses. It should be about the common good and common sense. Promising essential services to some of us at the cost of other vulnerable citizens is both divisive and destructive.”

“While the Omnibus Bill as a whole now seems destined to fail, Anglicare Australia remains concerned that some of the individual budget savings will still be used as a trade-off for, say, the childcare reform. It seems easy in this context to forget – at the level of media and politics – that basic income support in Australia is utterly inadequate. Any cut in payments for those on the lowest incomes already is unconscionable.”

“We should also remember that childcare is about workforce and education. It is not a welfare measure. There is no reason to pay for it with welfare cuts.”

“At a time Centrelink Automated Debt Recovery is being seriously called into question because it hasn’t been designed to deal with the realities and complexities of people’s live, Anglicare Australia calls on the Australian government to build its Budget surplus on the basis of inclusive growth –and a plan that works with people rather than against them” Ms Chambers said today.

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