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Anglicare Australia to use social media during Anti-Poverty Week to raise awareness

Oct 17, 2016, 12:20 PM by Anglicare Australia

Media Release | 17 October, 2016

Anglicare Australia has developed the hashtag #AntiPovertyPriority to mark Anti-Poverty Week, which began on the 16
th and continues to the 22nd of October.

In a short video, staff of the Anglicare Australia National office have shared their own visions for eliminating poverty in Australia. (

As the ACOSS Poverty in Australia report launched yesterday reminds us, Australia’s poorest people are getting poorer, an increasing number of children are being left behind and the inadequacy of basic income support is being denied by those who can simply look the other way.

The figures from that report show that 731,300 children and nearly three million people overall are living in poverty in Australia.

It’s for this reason that Anglicare Australia today launched its organisational Facebook page in order to better engage on social media and to create awareness of the work of its network of 36 members. (

Executive Director of Anglicare Australia Kasy Chambers said that she hopes that this Anti-Poverty Week there will be a groundswell of support for clients of and organisations working in the social services sector.

“I hope that through our enhanced social media engagement we will be able to shine a light on those who are doing it tough in this country. Our ongoing Anti-Poverty Priorities at Anglicare Australia are affordable housing, secure work and adequate income”, she said.

“We hope that the community will join with us and follow us on social media, to challenge the assumption that people in Australia have what they need.”

#AntiPovertyPriority is the hashtag to be used in conjunction with #APW2016.