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National action on housing and homelessness essential

Jun 21, 2016, 00:01 AM by Anglicare Australia

Updated 21 June 2016 10.20am

Anglicare Australia is campaigning with key not-for-profit partners for a national plan to increase the supply of affordable housing and to halve homelessness by 2025. Today it renewed its call for all the key players in this year’s federal election to commit to national action on housing and homelessness.

“The evidence of a crisis in the supply of low cost rental housing is overwhelming” executive director Kasy Chambers said today.

“Research released yesterday on the link between unaffordable rental housing and disadvantage again underlines the need for a national plan.

“Housing that is simply too expensive for people trying to make do on very low incomes is one of the factors that pushes people into homelessness, and the shortage of suitable housing makes it hard for people to exit homelessness services as well.   

“In the past few weeks we’ve seen the ALP and Greens announce a number of policies and initiatives to increase the supply of appropriate housing and aim to halve the number of homeless people. 

“People are already voting in this election, but the Coalition parties and the Xenophon team are yet to put full plans on the table.

"The shortage of affordable housing for people on low incomes is undermining the wellbeing of us all.  And that’s too big a challenge to remain the province of one party or another.   Whatever the result of this election, we need a national plan.”