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Everyone should vote home

Jun 9, 2016, 12:37 PM by Anglicare Australia

Anglicare Australia today released its Affordable Housing position statement.

“The critical shortage of affordable housing in Australia has a corrosive effect on social and economic wellbeing. Everyone knows the scale of the problem. But in this election, no party has yet proposed a comprehensive plan to tackle it” Anglicare Australia’s executive director Kasy Chambers said today.

“Anglicare Australia’s annual Rental Affordability Snapshot tells us there are virtually no homes available to rent in the private market that are affordable for people on the lowest incomes. This problem is exacerbated by a chronic under supply of public and social housing.

 “As a result, far too many Australians are at risk of homelessness. People also remain trapped in homelessness because there’s neither the support nor the homes available so they can exit the crisis system. 

“Strategies that unlock affordable housing for families on low incomes have to be part of the conversation when we discuss how to prevent and address homelessness and how to end severe housing stress.

“Access to safe and secure housing is one of the most fundamental needs for people, and without a home it’s difficult to maintain engagement with school, work, or looking after your health. 

“We mustn’t forget that the problems with the housing market affect people at most levels in Australia. These days buying a home is out of the reach of people on moderate incomes unless they have family wealth behind them.  As well as affecting the plans and lives of these families, this barrier to home ownership puts more pressure on the rental market, compounding the problems for people doing it tough. 

“This is why Anglicare Australia has joined the #VoteHome campaign calling for a national plan to address the shortage of affordable housing right across Australia. We are asking all political parties take clear plans to the election that address housing affordability and homelessness.”

The Vote Home campaign can be found here: