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Unemployment: looking beyond supply and demand

Jul 10, 2014, 09:00 AM by Anglicare Australia

New research commissioned by Anglicare Australia and released in Canberra today clearly shows that people out of work for the long term need individual skills and capability development to help them find and sustain a job, rather than simply being matched to job vacancies.

“Our Beyond Supply and Demand research findings are timely, as Anglicare Australia will be participating in a Roundtable on the Interim Report on Welfare Reform at the Department of Social Services tomorrow morning,” acting Executive Director, Roland Manderson said.

Beyond Supply and Demand is a research paper on our network’s evidence of what works for people excluded from the workforce. Its findings are that we are most effective when we recognise the person – and their goals and ambitions – at the centre of exclusion and acknowledge their circumstances, and the barriers and challenges they face.

“It’s what we call a “life first” rather than “work first” approach.

Anglicare services around the country tell us that a one-size-fits-all-approach to getting people into the workforce simply doesn’t work. Our most effective programs use a case management model, which provide services based on individual needs, build strong links with local employers and other support services, and provide post-employment support, such as job coaching, mentoring, peer support, personal development and career guidance.

“Most Australians have hopes and preferences for their future, and many have important attachments to their families and local communities. People out of work are no different. They want a ‘normal’ life too; a job and their own home. And it is our job to see they get the chance.

Beyond Supply and Demand addresses issues at the heart of the McClure Welfare Review, how to shift the focus of working age welfare to getting more people into work. There is a lot of comment in the media suggesting people don’t try hard enough. Our evidence is that real jobs and individual support makes the difference.”

Beyond Supply and Demand was written for Anglicare Australia by the Australian Centre for Community Services Research at Flinders University.