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Big picture solution needed for big picture housing problem

Jul 2, 2013, 00:00 AM by Anglicare Australia

Findings from this year’s Australian Community Sector Survey show there simply isn’t enough affordable housing right across Australia, Anglicare Australia argued today.

“Without somewhere secure to live, people find it almost impossible to connect to the world around them, attend school, keep jobs or stay healthy”, Acting Executive Director of Anglicare Australia, Roland Manderson said.

“But this is a problem faced by more and more of the people the community sector works with every day.

“It’s now time for all the political parties to put their housing plans on the table.

“Over the last four years Anglicare Australia has shown up the dearth of affordable housing for people living on low incomes across Australia. The ACOSS Sector Survey released yesterday accentuates that message, with over 500 agencies saying we have passed the crisis point.

“We need to invest in the whole housing spectrum and value housing affordability for the priority it is. Unfortunately unaffordable housing and its consequences are outpacing the initiatives that have been put in place to alleviate them.

“As the HIA has identified, this is a national issue. We need to see all the major political parties under the one roof, looking for that national solution.

“We can’t afford to duck the issues of homelessness and housing unaffordability. We need a big picture solution to a big picture problem.”