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Don’t step away from NAHA – housing matters | Media Release | 15 February, 2017 ​

15 Feb 2017 by Beth Doherty | Media Releases

Anglicare Australia supports ACOSS and National Shelter in their call today for the Australian government to continue with the National Affordable Housing Agreement (NAHA) and to plan for more social housing, not less. Executive Director of Anglicare Australia Kasy Chambers noted that in recent days, the Government has pointed to a shrinking supply of public housing. "If the government were to slash its NAHA investment, as has been suggested it might, we wouldn’t see more social housing, we’d see less. That is not acceptable. “Everyone in Australia knows that there is a severe housing crisis and it is hardest on those who have the least access.

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The Best Results | Anglicare Australia's Submission to the Productivity Commission's Inquiry into Human Services

14 Feb 2017 by Beth Doherty | Media Releases

Anglicare Australia has made the following submission to the Productivity Commission's Inquiry into Human Services. Anglicare Australia contested some of the broad parameters of this inquiry from the start. It appears to be established on the presumption that competition is by its nature a driver of efficiency; that efficiency is an inherently good thing in human services; that the innovation that comes with competition between businesses is of benefit to service users; and that it is appropriate to equate individual consumer choice with agency and wellbeing. These are not presumptions we accept. To read our full submission, click here

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Anglicare Australia Makes a Pre-Budget Submission

23 Jan 2017 by Beth Doherty | Media Releases

Anglicare Australia has made a submission to the Treasurer in regard to Australian Government’s Budget for 2017-2018. It is based on the insight and expertise of Anglicare Australia’s member organisations, and addresses the interests and experience of the people with whom they work. The submissiona argues that in economic and cultural terms Australia is not an island and that rapidly developing technology and global communications are changing the shape of business, employment and community. Growth in income and wealth is skewed towards those who are already higher income earners. The impact of climate change is giving rise to health and social sustainability challenges, as well as environmental damage, and the new industries it is driving are both creating opportunities and generating further disruption and job losses around the globe.

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Where is Compassion and Concern for Dignity in the Centrelink Debt Collection Debacle?

19 Jan 2017 by Beth Doherty | Media Releases

Executive Director of Anglicare Australia Kasy Chambers today published an opinion piece on the ABC Religion and Ethics website on the Centrelink Automated Debt Collection. Using the lens of the Bible and the Gospel values informing the work of social service organisations like Anglicare, Ms Chambers said that "while we might not always use explicit language about our faith traditions in efforts to be inclusive of all, the recent Centrelink Automated Debt Collection debacle has strongly reminded us of some of the biblical stories underpinning our advocacy." To read this article, click here

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Problems could be solved by talking to people: Anglicare Australia responds to Centrelink Automated Debt Collection

18 Jan 2017 by Beth Doherty | Media Releases

MEDIA RELEASE, 18 JANUARY, 2017 ​ ​Anglicare Australia Executive Director Kasy Chambers has supported calls by ACOSS, the National Welfare Rights Network and others to suspend the Centrelink automated debt recovery process, and for government to sit down with the people most affected to put a more respectful process in place.

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Redesigning Dementia Supports | Anglicare Australia Submission

16 Jan 2017 by Anglicare Australia | Media Releases

SUBMISSION Anglicare Australia in conjunction with Benetas has written the following paper as a submission on Redesigning Dementia Consumer Supports, the 2016 Ministerial Dementia Forum Discussion Paper. It represents the views expressed from members of Anglicare Australia, compiled on the network’s behalf by Melbourne based aged care provider and Anglicare Australia member, Benetas.

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Rights for Renters Often Ignored, Vulnerability Increasing

13 Jan 2017 by Beth Doherty | Media Releases

Anglicare Australia’s Executive Director Kasy Chambers spoke to the New Daily about rights for renters yesterday. According to the piece by Jackson Stiles, a rental rights and tenancy advocates are demanding that better protections for renters, currently under consideration in Victoria, be rolled out nationwide. After almost two years of submissions, the Victorian government has released an options paper that summarises the best, evidence-based reforms raised so far – some of which would push Victoria well ahead of other states. Kasy Chambers argued that the “long queue” for affordable housing, coupled with the fact that landlords in all states and territories can terminate leases early without cause, makes renters “afraid” to challenge rent hikes and ask for repairs or modifications. “We find that people in rental situations are very much the poor cousin in that relationship,” Ms Chambers told The New Daily. “It’s a really important area long ignored by policy makers.” To read the article, click here ​

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Poverty Shaming Pensioners a Low Blow

9 Jan 2017 by Kasy Chambers | Media Releases

Opinion Piece, 6 January, 2017 Executive Director of Anglicare Australia Kasy Chambers had the following Opinion Piece published on the Huffington Post Australia Blog and syndicated across Fairfax publications including the Age and the SMH. The Opinion Piece responded to comments from Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm about entitlements to the aged pension. Drawing on examples from the Anglicare volunteer network, Chambers argued that as a nation – rather than penalising or shaming our elderly citizens – we should be celebrating their particular contributions, regardless of their economic status, and regardless of whether at some point in their lives they will need to rely on a government payment. To read the article, click here

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Let's not leave anyone behind this Christmas

21 Dec 2016 by Beth Doherty | Media Releases

CHRISTMAS MESSAGE FROM KASY CHAMBERS, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, ANGLICARE AUSTRALIA For the last couple of years Anglicare Australia has been using the theme of not leaving anyone behind. It is rumoured this theme came from a proud Anzac tradition but in truth it probably started long before and is at the heart of compassionate and practical notions of society. As a theme, it is a useful, clear and understandable standard against which to judge policy. Anglicare Australia is always non-partisan. We comment on policies, ideas and the effect they have when they are bundled in particular ways or by particular idealism. So it serves us well to have such a visual and powerful measuring stick.

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Anglicare Australia Response to Superannuation Objective Bill

21 Dec 2016 by Beth Doherty | Media Releases

Anglicare Australia has offered the following response to the Superannuation (Objective) Bill 2016. Anglicare Australia welcomes the Government’s commitment to legislate the objective of superannuation. A clear objective that requires any new policies to be compatible with its purpose will help to guide future reform. The lack of a formal objective has allowed superannuation to be used as a vehicle for various objectives, including tax avoidance, wealth accumulation and estate planning. It is important, then, for the objective to be considered in the context of creating a sustainable and fair retirement income system that will support people for decades to come. This will strengthen the likelihood that any changes to superannuation will support a holistic, well-functioning and balanced retirement income system that provides adequate retirement incomes for all.

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