Anglicare Australia’s National Awards

Nominations are now open for Anglicare Australia’s National Awards.

The Anglicare Australia National Awards, sponsored by Ansvar Insurance, will be held in the evening Monday,19th September 2022, to recognise outstanding services, projects and programs throughout the Anglicare Australia Network. The Awards also recognise individual volunteers who have made a difference to our work.

The Awards program recognises the work that Anglicare Australia Network members make to the people they work with, and to our community as a whole. They offer our members an opportunity to gain media attention and recognition for programs, research, or outstanding volunteers.

The nomination forms for each category can be downloaded below. To give your nomination the best chance of standing out, download our Helpful Hints and Nomination Checklist. You must have the consent of anyone featured in your video and photo attachment. Download our Photo and Video consent form.

Nominations are due on Friday 1 July 2022. For more information, to talk through the criteria, or to arrange an extension, email


Recognising excellence in service delivery, program management, or research – for example, excellence in client services, social justice, research, governance, or quality improvement. Click here to download the nomination form for Excellence.


Recognising new ideas or approaches – for example, innovation in to improve client outcomes, focus on particular target groups, overcome barriers, or bring about social change. Click here to download the nomination form for Innovation.


Recognising partnerships that advance our mission – for example, regional partnerships, partnerships with Indigenous communities, parish partnerships, agency or industry collaboration. Click here to download the nomination form for Partnership.

Volunteer Achievement

Recognising exceptional service by an individual volunteer who has made a significant contribution to communities, clients, or services across the Anglicare Australia Network. Click here to download the nomination form for Volunteer Achievement.