About Anglicare Australia

Anglicare Australia seeks to engage with all Australians to build communities of resilience, hope and justice.

We see the inherent value of each individual and seek to create a society where everyone’s capacity to participate is welcomed and respected. In building such communities, we work to change the conditions leading to deprivation and disadvantage. In this task we are guided by our governing documents.

The Anglicare Australia Strategic Plan was last updated in September 2018, and sets out our key priorities and goals.

As a values based network, Anglicare Australia member organisations are committed to abiding by this Code of Ethics.

These principles help Anglicare Australia member organisations ensure the safety, protection, and wellbeing of people who use their services.

Anglicare Australia’s constitution sets out our mission, our purpose, and our structure.

Building on our wisdom and practice across all our members and over 150 years of shared experience, Anglicare Australia aims:

To better serve the needs of all people through building partnerships, creating member networks with purpose, and enabling collaboration for all members to innovate, learn and be challenged.

To influence social and economic policy across Australia with a strong prophetic voice; informed by research and the practical experience of the Network; and called to speak with, and for those most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

To celebrate and build upon our Anglican foundation and our common values as the inspiration for our work.