Budget makes a down payment on aged care reform, but future remains uncertain

Anglicare Australia has said that tonight’s Federal Budget makes a down payment aged care reforms, with more funding for care at home and funding for a pay increase for aged care workers.

“Across the country, older people are struggling to get the care they deserve. Tonight’s Budget takes some important steps to turn that around,” said Anglicare Australia Executive Director Kasy Chambers.

“Most older people want to age at home for as long as they can. They shouldn’t be forced to wait for years for help, or be pushed out of their home in order to access care. Tonight’s Budget makes some headway with funding for 24,100 additional home care packages, giving more older Australians the care they need at home.”

Anglicare Australia has also welcomed the Government’s commitment to funding a long-awaited pay increase for aged care workers.

“Aged care workers have been undervalued for years. Instead of being rewarded for their vital work, many are forced to leave the sector to get the pay they deserve.

“Tonight, this Government has put its money where its mouth is by fully funding an increase to aged care pay. This move recognises the crucial work that aged care workers do in looking after older Australians, and values it.”

Ms Chambers called on the Government to build on these investments with a sustainable funding model for aged care.

“Older Australians need to know that they can count on a system that’s funded to give them the care they deserve. That means the whole aged care system needs to be sustainable and funded in a way that’s fair for all.

“We hope the Government build on tonight’s Budget with a real plan to tackle funding for aged care in the long-term,” Ms Chambers said.