A little bit for everyone but not enough for those that need it most

Anglicare Australia says tonight’s Federal Budget takes important steps on tax fairness, aged care and cost of living, but that an increase to JobSeeker remains unfinished business.

“Tonight’s Budget is handed down as more and more Australians are doing it tough. Living costs are still spiralling, and housing is more expensive than ever,” said Anglicare Australia Executive Director Kasy Chambers.

“That’s why Anglicare Australia has been calling for years on the Government to raise the rate of Centrelink payments above the poverty line. The payment has been too low for too long, trapping people in poverty instead of helping them escape it.

“Boosting rent assistance is only a band-aid solution that won’t have the same impact. Just two weeks ago, our Rental Affordability Snapshot found that a person on JobSeeker could only afford three rentals out of 45,000 listings. That was with the highest rate of rent assistance. Tonight’s increase adds just three additional rentals across the entire country.

“Only an increase to the base rate of Centrelink payments can really help people doing it the toughest. This is major unfinished business from the Budget.”

Ms Chambers said the Budget also showed that the Government can make bold changes when it chooses to.

“Tonight’s Budget beds in the newer, fairer tax cut package. It also makes a down payment on aged care reforms. These changes are this Government at its best, listening to the community and taking action to get a fairer deal for everyone.

“We need to see them take a similar approach when it comes to giving relief for people who need it most.”