Anglicare Australia backs changes to Stage 3 Tax Cuts

Anglicare Australia has welcomed reports that the Government is overhauling the Stage 3 Tax Cuts.

“The original Stage 3 Tax Cuts would have made Australia more unfair and unequal,” said Acting Executive Director Maiy Azize.

“Australians have always known that. That’s why poll after poll has shown that people want them scrapped or changed.

“At a time when living costs are surging, Australians doing it tough would be funding a tax cut for the country’s wealthiest people. That is simply not fair.

“Just weeks ago, research from Anglicare Australia found that the tax cuts would give a windfall of $350 a week to Australia’s highest income earners. Those on low and middle incomes would be left with almost nothing. Our hope is that the Government’s overhaul will stop that from happening.

“Now the Government must prioritise relief for people on the very lowest incomes – those on Centrelink payments. Unless we raise the rate of JobSeeker and other Centrelink payments, they will get no benefit from these changes at all. This is major unfinished business ahead of the next Federal Budget.”

Ms Azize commended the Government for listening to community voices on the tax cuts.

“Big changes like these are never easy. We commend the Government for being willing to wind back these unfair tax cuts – and for listening to the voices of those who have called for change.”