Statement from Anglicare Australia to the Anglican Community

Following our National Conference in Cairns, Anglicare Australia calls on all Australians to vote YES on October 14.

The Anglicare Australia Conference met on the lands and waters of the Gimuy-Walubarra, Yirranydji and Yidingi peoples. We heard from Elders and First Nation Leaders from across Australia

We heard their call for a voice, the call for justice and the extended hand of reconciliation expressed generously in the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

In the lead up to the national referendum on October 14 Anglicare Australia asks all Australians to accept the generous invitation from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to recognise the First Peoples of Australia, through enshrining a Voice to Parliament in our Constitution.

Our call to vote Yes, goes to all Australian Anglicans, all staff and volunteers of Anglican services, all parishioners and supporters of Anglican communities, all Anglican schools and the parents of students of these schools, and all peoples familiar with the extensive work of Anglicare across Australia.

Further, our call goes to the Australian Anglican Diocese’s and their Bishops, who represent hundreds of parishes and churches across Australia, to speak at their services to encourage generous consideration of a Yes vote at this forthcoming referendum.

In coming to this position, we understand there may be questions around the process and representational structures. We recognise that any proposal may not be perfect, however recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in our Constitution through enshrining a Voice to Parliament is an essential and long-overdue step for Australia and its relationship with this nation’s First Peoples.

Vote Yes at this referendum.

History is calling!