Anglicare Australia calls on all Australians to vote ‘Yes’ following national gathering in Cairns

Anglicare Australia has reaffirmed its commitment to the Voice to Parliament and is urging all Australians to vote Yes at the upcoming referendum.

This follows Anglicare Australia’s National Conference in Cairns, which heard from strong First Nations voices including Thomas Mayo, Henrietta Marrie, Merrissa Nona, Zhanae Dodd, and David Hudson.

“This referendum is an historic opportunity for justice for First Nations Peoples, and to make the entire country better. Our conversations in Cairns have underscored the importance of this referendum succeeding,” said Anglicare Australia Executive Director Kasy Chambers.

“Voting yes means voting to address the issues that First Nations communities have been fighting for generations. It means listening to people about the issues that affect them. And it means accepting the invitation that First Nations peoples have extended to walk alongside them.

“By voting Yes in October, we gain the opportunity to recognise First Nations peoples, enshrine a Voice, and make ourselves a better nation.

“History is calling. With just three weeks to go, we will be using any means we can to support the Yes campaign.

“Anglicare Australia is proud to accept the invitation that First Nations Peoples have extended, and we ask all Australians to do the same.”