Anglicare Australia proud to back ‘Yes’ campaign as referendum date is set

Anglicare Australia has welcomed the announcement of the date for the referendum on the Voice to Parliament.

Executive Director Kasy Chambers said Anglicare Australia would be doing whatever it could to support the Yes campaign ahead of 14 October.

“This referendum is an historic opportunity to support justice for First Nations peoples. Anglicare Australia is proud to support the Yes campaign and back a Voice to Parliament,” Ms Chambers said.

“Anglicare Australia has already pledged our support to the Uluru Statement from the Heart. This referendum is an opportunity to put that support into action.

“Now that the date has been set, we will be using any means we can to support the Yes campaign – and we will be urging all Australians to join us.

“Voting yes means voting to address the issues that First Nations communities have been fighting for generations. It means listening to people about the issues that affect them. And it means accepting the invitation that First Nations peoples have extended to walk alongside them.

“Anglicare Australia is proud to accept that invitation, and we will be asking all Australians to do the same.”