Time to learn the lessons of Robodebt

Anglicare Australia has responded to the final report handed down from the Robodebt Royal Commission.

In welcoming the report, Anglicare Australia Acting Executive Director Maiy Azize said:

“This Royal Commission is not just about vindicating those who were wronged. It an opportunity to make sure the Robodebt debacle is never repeated again.

“From the start, this system had no human oversight.

“The community sector, financial counsellors, and most importantly, the people affected by the system were ignored over and over again when they told their stories.

“Lawyers, judges, and members of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal were brushed off when they warned that the system was illegal.

“This process has shown that the wrongs and personal pain caused by Robodebt could have been avoided if the Government has listened to those who know. None of the decision-makers who came before the Royal Commission could explain why they dismissed almost every piece of feedback and advice.

“This lesson goes beyond Robodebt. Governments must be willing to hear from those who have been through the system – and work with them to make it better.”