Anglicare Australia welcomes the scrapping of JobDobber hotline

Anglicare Australia has welcomed news that the ‘JobDobber’ hotline, established under the previous Government, has now been scrapped. In supporting the Government’s move, Anglicare Australia Executive Director Kasy Chambers said:

“The JobDobber hotline allowed anyone to make anonymous complaints against people applying for jobs.

“Many of those reports were made against people who were just trying to comply with the rules and apply for as many jobs as they could find.

“The hotline didn’t help people find work, create new job opportunities, or even save the Government money. It was simply a low-blow aimed at people already doing it tough.

“It was designed to send the message that people out of work are cheats. When you send that message, even people doing their best to follow the rules become suspect.

“This move is a show of compassion and respect to people out of work – and a welcome change in the narrative. “We’re pleased the Government has been listening to people’s experiences, and we hope they will keep working us to build a better system,” Ms Chambers said.