Older Australians to benefit from decision on aged care pay

Anglicare Australia has welcomed the Fair Work Commission’s decision to award an interim pay increase to aged care workers.

“Everyone deserves quality care as they get older. All of us should be able to get quality care, with dignity, when we need it. The only way to deliver that care is with a strong workforce,” said Anglicare Australia Executive Director Kasy Chambers.

“Yet Australia’s aged care workforce is under pressure. Research from Anglicare Australia has shown that wages for aged care workers haven’t kept up with living costs, with workers across the sector being priced out of their own communities.

“We found that a single aged care worker would be left with just $112 each week after essential living costs, while those supporting children have just $17 left each week.

“A strong workforce is well trained and skilled. Wages must reflect this.

“This has been major unfinished business from last year’s landmark Royal Commission. That’s why this decision is an important start for the sector – along with the Government’s commitment to fund the increase.

“Aged care workers across the country will be applauding this news, which will make the workforce stronger and help it support older people.

“Our hope is that the Commission will cement these increases with future decisions. We also look forward to decisions on indirect care workers who help keep the aged care sector afloat, like kitchen, laundry, recreation, and administrative staff.

“Anglicare Australia will keep working with the Government to make sure we have a strong workforce – and that Australians get the care they deserve,” Ms Chambers said.