Anglicare Australia welcomes Albanese government

Anglicare Australia has congratulated Prime Minister-elect Anthony Albanese and the Australian Labor Party on their election victory, and pledged to work with the new government for a fairer country.

“The new Government, and the country, face major challenges,” said Anglicare Australia Executive Director Kasy Chambers.

“Hundreds of thousands of Australians are struggling to find an affordable home. People on the lowest incomes are struggling to make ends meet. And the aged care sector is struggling as we all learn to live with Covid-19.

“That’s why three quarters of Australians polled before the election said they want action on wages, welfare, and climate change over tax cuts. We owe it to them to take action.

“Climate change will have the worst impact on the poorest in our community – something our new Prime Minister has already recognised. We hope to put those who will bear the brunt of climate change at the centre of the new Government’s agenda.

“We support the new Government’s focus on incomes and living costs, which are seeing record numbers of Australians do it tough. People out of work are on the lowest incomes of all, and we hope to work with the new Government reform Centrelink payments so that they keep pace with the cost of living.

“We need action on the huge shortfall in social and affordable housing. Our recent Rental Affordability Snapshot has shown the depth of this crisis. We must stop Australia from becoming a country where only the very wealthy can avoid housing stress – and wind down band-aid solutions that make the problem worse.

“Finally, it’s never been clearer that we need action on aged care. Labor’s commitments on aged care are a good start. Now we hope to work with the new Government to make the Royal Commission’s recommendations a reality.

“We know what we need to do to make Australia fairer – invest in affordable housing, raise incomes, take action on climate change, and ensure a dignified life for older people.

“We look forward to working with the new Government, and the new crossbench, on each of these fronts,” Ms Chambers said.