Australians are desperate for real action on housing

Anglicare Australia has called on the next Federal Government to boost social housing. The call follows the release of more election policies, which will not do anything to make housing more affordable.

“Housing is the biggest living cost facing Australians. But in spite of the bluster, the major parties aren’t offering anything to help people with the cost of rent,” said Anglicare Australia Executive Director Kasy Chambers.

“Just weeks ago, our Rental Affordability Snapshot found that less than 2% of rentals are affordable for a full-time worker on the minimum wage. For a person out of work, it’s 0%.

“Voters are desperate for action. Instead, parties are promising more of the same. At best, they are ignoring the people who are struggling the most. At worst, they are proposing to make the market even more overheated.

“The most powerful and long-lasting solution is being ignored – we need a major investment in social and affordable housing.

“Anglicare Australia is calling for an investment in 500,000 social and affordable homes. That would end our shortfall, and provide a home for everyone.

“This investment is urgent. Without action, the social housing shortfall will only grow.

“It’s also popular. Social and affordable housing is more popular with marginal seat voters than any other solution, including band-aid options like first home buyer grants.

“The Federal Election is just days away. We’re calling on all parties and candidates to answer voters’ calls for action – and make sure everyone has a place to call home,” Ms Chambers said.

Anglicare Australia’s Rental Affordability Snapshot is available online.

Polling for the seats of swing seats of Bass, Longman, Gilmore, and Flinders are available from the Everybody’s Home campaign.