Major Church Providers Open Letter to all Federal Candidates

Anglicare Australia has come together with Australia’s major Church providers ahead of the upcoming election to call on all parties and candidates to commit to policies that will make a real difference in the lives of the most vulnerable. Our hope is that voters, candidates and parties will transform this vision into a better Australia.

Through this election period the major Church providers encourage all candidates and parties to develop platforms ensuring that:

  • A Voice for First Nations Peoples is constitutionally enshrined. Federal legislation is insufficiently informed by First Nations people with devastating impact. First Nations people should have a direct say on any national laws, policies and programs affecting them.
  • JobSeeker rises above the poverty line. $45 a day is not enough to live on. Tens of thousands of Australians are forced into terrible choices each fortnight – choices between grocery, power, and medical bills. JobSeeker needs to cover the basics of life.
  • A safe place to live is not a luxury. Too many Australians are suffering due to homelessness and substandard housing. More needs to be done to support these people into secure and stable accommodation.
  • The NDIS delivers on its objectives. The NDIS should act as national system with enough funding to provide tailored, individual support. The Scheme must ensure that participants have a better range of choices and more control in how they live their lives.
  • Australians are safeguarded from domestic and family violence. All adults and children should be able to live free from fear and violence, and thrive and reach their full potential. We seek a future where women and children and LGBTIQA+ people of all genders are safe.