Budget a lost opportunity to show leadership

Anglicare Australia has said that tonight’s Budget is a lost opportunity to tackle the problems facing Australians.

“After an unprecedented two years, Australians are hungry for leadership from Government. This Budget was an opportunity to show leadership with vision and empathy – leadership for everyone.

“Leadership has never been more important as the nation faces major challenges. Living costs are spiralling. Essentials like food and transport are shooting up, and housing is more expensive than ever.

“Almost 1.5 million people are looking for work, and communities are reeling from floods. Frontline workers, like those in aged care, are being priced out of their own communities.

“These Australians need real action, and real leadership. That means raising Centrelink payments over the poverty line, investing in job programs, and taking action to make housing more affordable.

“Yet this Budget has failed to take on these challenges or plan for the future. Instead, it offers short-term fixes and one-off payments.

“One-off payments do not help people out of poverty, and they will do little to tackle rising costs. Other Budget measures, like first-home buyer programs, are only band-aid solutions that make housing less affordable in the long-term.

“That’s why three quarters of people polled by Anglicare Australia told us they wanted action on jobs, wages and services instead of tax cuts and on-off payments. They wanted leadership to make Australia fairer.

“We know what we need to do to fulfil that vision – invest in housing for those in need, create secure jobs, and raise payments over the poverty line. “The payments in this Budget are a sign that that people can’t keep up. Instead of putting a band-aid over these problems, we need Governments to show real leadership and fix them once and for all,” Ms Chambers said.