Australians reject tax cuts and back job creation

A new poll from Anglicare Australia and Ipsos shows that most people want spending on services and action on disaster recovery, not tax cuts.

The poll shows that:
– Three quarters of those polled (72%) want the Federal Budget to focus on services and recovery from the pandemic and floods
– Less than one in five (16%) see tax cuts as a priority
– Just one in ten (12%) see reducing the deficit as a priority
– An overwhelming majority (79%) want the Government to do more to create jobs.

Anglicare Australia Executive Director Kasy Chambers said Australians want investment in communities before spending on tax cuts.

“This poll shows that Australians have rejected the Government’s rhetoric about tax cuts.

“Living costs are spiralling, people are still recovering from the pandemic, and many communities are reeling after floods and storms. Tax cuts are not the answer to these problems, and Australians know it.

“The planned tax cuts will make inequality worse, and they stop the Government from spending where it matters – on people doing it tough, and local communities who need help.

“That’s why three quarters of people want the next Budget to focus on services and community recovery. Less than one in five see tax cuts as a priority.

“While the Government has just announced it won’t bring forward their high-end tax cuts, this poll shows they should scrap them altogether.”

Ms Chambers also said the poll shows that Australians overwhelmingly want action on job creation.

“There are 1.2 million people looking for work. Another 1.2 million are looking for extra hours. But there are just 259,000 job vacancies across the country. Instead of blaming individuals, they want the Government to take responsibility and create stable, full-time jobs.

“Four in five Australians told us they want the next Budget to do more to create jobs.

“Budgets are more than a set of numbers, they’re a picture of our priorities. If we can afford to spend billions on tax cuts, we can afford to invest in jobs and communities.”

The polling report is available to download.